Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Coldwell Revolution: Lunacy, Lechery, Sovereignty

Earlier this month, Not-Doctor Leonard Coldwell, the former Bernd Klein, aka Bernd Witchner, our un-favorite German import, fired yet another shot at his critics. Not content with calling those who disagree with him stupid and ignorant, or diagnosing them with all sorts of mental illnesses (generally using outdated labels for the various disorders), or accusing them of being criminals/former prostitutes/shills for Big Pharma, he has now decreed that his critics are "jealous, impotent losers." The screen shot above was taken from one of little Lenny's Facebook comments on March 15, 2013. It is apparently intended to make his critics swoon with envy over Lenny's popularity with the ladies.

Are y'all envious yet? Me neither.

The pic on the left, with the two brunettes, was actually taken at a Global Information Network (GIN) event in early 2012. That was back when Lenny was still b.f.f.s with serial scammer Kevin Trudeau. The pic on the right shows Lenny with two of his current female enablers. The young woman on the left of the pic (Lenny's right) is one of Lenny's personal assistants, Amy Chappell;
for her pathetic testimony and the story of how she renounced her family and dedicated her life to Saint Lenny, see here. The woman on the right of the pic is nutrition "expert" and former Miss Earth Australia Liana Werner-Gray. Here is one of several videos of Lenny and Liana.

Lenny appears to be fond of using young women as props, perhaps to shore up his sagging ego and convince the world (and himself) that he's a player. (The other thing he often does to prove his manliness is make fun of gay people, according to reports from several people who have attended his live events.) At about 4:51 in the above-linked vid with Liana, who is in her mid-twenties, Lenny says to her, "To be honest, I [have] reached a point in my life where I don't really care to be 100% the fittest and the trimmest. You, you, you have your emphasis in life on different points. And, uh, I still have beautiful friends like you in my life -- so it's not really -- um -- what I focus on any more is to look like Rambo. I just want to feel good, I just want to be as healthy and fit and energized as I can be..."

Translation: "I've let my body go to seed, but I can still surround myself with young hotties so I can look studly and virile."

My sense is that nobody who really does any research into Lenny is buying into the studly posturing. (And those who are aware of
various unpleasant allegations about him may find that posturing particularly repugnant.) The fawning comments on his Facebook pages are clearly from fans, followers and wannabes. For instance, look at the comments on this photo, taken at a February 7, 2012 GIN event:

At first I wondered why Lenny didn't use that photo as well on his March 15 post, in order to make the "impotent losers" even more jealous, but then I realized that Lenny's whole objective in writing the March 15 post was to glorify himself. In the "rockin' pink" photo he has to share the spotlight with another man.

And that other guy is none other than Lenny's twelve-years-younger half brother, Jens Wilhelm Anskohl, not-quite-world-famous poker player, reportedly a ladies' man in his own right, and on record as Lenny's business partner in several enterprises. Jens sometimes goes by the name Nicholas Coldwell; a friend of mine got his business card at a GIN event a couple of years ago, and sent me a snapshot of it. (Oddly enough, this person swore to me that Nicholas had been introduced to their group as Lenny's nephew, but most folks seem to agree that Jens/Nicholas is Lenny's brother.)

Jens/Nicholas is, as I noted, also partners with Lenny in several businesses, including a phony church, the Church of Inner Healing. Though the mailing address of the Church of Inner Healing is in South Carolina, it is registered in Nevada.

I noticed that The Church of Inner Healing was set up in 2009, the same year that GIN began. Apparently 2009 was a big, big year for Lenny. Besides GIN, it was the year that Lenny got into social media big time. He joined Facebook on January 25, 2009. He set up his Myspace page in March 2009, and filled his photo album with pictures labeled, "Dr. Leonard Coldwell Speaches (sic)", as well as semi-literate captions such as this one: "Celebrated by the world Dr. Coldwells speach lets Freedom Ring was broadcasted all over the world by clearchannel radio." Or this one, where he describes himself as a "Renouned Key not speaker":

Want more? Be my guest. But hurry, before he reads this and takes it all down.

Around the same time he set up the Myspace page, Lenny
also set up a page on a social media site called Mingle City, which actually seems to be more oriented towards African Americans. Apparently not wanting to be mistaken for one of "those people," however, he lists his nationality as "White." Not "German." Not "Naturalized US citizen." But "White." He doesn't appear to be trolling for booty on that site; he describes himself as "very happily married," and is clearly promoting his "cancer expert" shtick rather than his more studly qualities.

But of all of the social media sites, Facebook is the one Lenny has really chosen to focus on to spread his rants and actionable lies, including, of course, those he told about me. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have quite as large an audience on Facebook as he might have hoped, since he has felt obligated to block so many people. He has blocked and deleted virtually everyone who has criticized him or even questioned or mildly challenged him. He seems to be a very paranoid little man.

Meanwhile, he continues to push his lunacy on the wingnut-conspiracy fronts. He and Peter Wink are still hosting their "anti-tyranny" conference calls, in which Loony Lenny spouts off every conspiracy cliche imaginable. They just hosted another one last Thursday evening, March 21, and have yet another one scheduled for March 28. That one will be devoted to the topic of brainwashing, or, more specifically, how to rid yourself of the evil influence of the mainstream media and loved ones who don't support you in your mission to put money into scammers' pockets. If you're interested in calling in, it will be on Thursday, March 28, 2013, at 8:00 PM Central Time, 9:00 PM Eastern. The number is 1-805-399-1200, and the access code is 966807. I don't know if you'll actually be able to participate or ask questions, or if you are only allowed to listen.

The calls, of course, are merely a recruiting tool for Winkwell's IBMS Master's Society scam, which I wrote about
here and here. So be prepared for that, if you're thinking of calling in.

On March 22, Lenny posted a video that covered some of the main topics discussed on the March 21 phone call. It is a classic example of Lenny looniness; you owe it to yourself to watch it. Among other things, Lenny puts Obama and other politicians on notice that "we the people" are coming after them with guns, but will be doing so lawfully. Lenny also makes reference to a citizen-formed "Grand Jury" of 27 people, who will "lawfully" indict Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and others for the crime of treason. Though he was no doubt inspired by the rants of the
Citizens Grand Jury movement, he's just peddling more bullsh-t. All of those "Citizen Grand Jury" things are political stunts and pseudo-legal entities, and their actions have never held up in any court. Here's one article on Snopes, regarding some Citizen Grand Jury hysteria:

Still, his little vid is good for a few laughs. So pop up some popcorn, pour yourself a beer or other beverage of choice, and settle back for some rich entertainment from our favorite lunatic, pretend-ladies' man, and not-doctor. Here's the link:

You can also get to it by clicking on the pic below. (I did not embed the video in this post.) Not surprisingly, comments are disabled on this video, as they are on most of "Dr." C's vids.

Lenny and Peter are still planning on holding
their millionaire-militia meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 25-26. They'll be teaching people how to become a millionaire, how to be healthy, how to rid their lives of useless people, and how to use guns and knives to defend their sovereignty against government agents and other authorities. Originally the event was listed at $199, but it is now down to $49.99. If you join the IBMS Master's Society scam for only $499, though, you can get in for free. Apparently certain attractive young women and selected followers and supporters of Lenny can also get in free. And if a one-day seminar isn't enough "Dr." C time for you, you can buy a VIP dinner with Lenny and pals for $199 ($299 for a couple). A three-course dinner and soft drinks are included. I guess if you want booze, though, that will be on you. (No doubt, a lot of booze will be in "Dr." C.)

In addition, people who join the IBMS Master's Society scam will be able to participate in an "initiation ceremony" that will render them a "fully functioning Sovereign."

Keep that popcorn popping, because the entertainment -- maybe "Len-tertainment' would be a better word -- shows no sign of letting up any time soon.

PS ~ I know I've linked to this before, but here again is a 2012 report on the Sovereign Citizens' Movement, from which Lenny and Peter have apparently borrowed heavily for their politically oriented IBMS Master's Society scam "teachings":

Related to the above, and to the shtick that Winkwell are promoting via IBMS Master's Society scam:

UPDATE, 24 February 2014
I know that you Godly types will be really, really sorry to hear this, but as of this 20 February, 2014 Bizapedia update, it appears that the Church of Inner Healing, LLC, along with several of Loony's other business interests, have been dissolved. This doesn't mean that the Church of Inner Healing, Loony Version, is totally dead or that it won't pop up in another form somewhere else. Actually it still lives, at least as a creepy web page. But the organization listed on Bizpedia has gone poof. Here's the link to the latest listing, as well as a screen shot (click to enlarge).

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Cosmic Connie said...

BTW, I did listen to part of the March 21 phone call -- not in real time, but from the playback link. Lenny goes into some detail about the modern "civil war" in the US and how the modern "Patriot Movement" will counter government tyranny.

He also can't seem to get enough of the Nazi theme, comparing what is happening with gun control today in the US to what Hitler supposedly did in Germany. He presents the usual conglomeration of misinformation. However, rudimentary research about Nazis and gun control will quickly reveal that gun control was already in effect in Germany YEARS before Hitler came into power. And that just covers the tip of the mis-info iceberg. Here's more (of course Lenny's nutty followers will dismiss it as the propaganda of mainstream media):

Also, Lenny can't seem to get his stories straight about whether it was his great-grandfather or his grandfather who was in a Nazi concentration camp. But that's a quibble. What's really both funny and disturbing is to hear his little German-accented rants about the Nazi-type nightmares going on in his adopted country. He tries to come across as the ultimate American patriot. Whenever I hear him talking about "our" country, though, I think to myself that if he really is a naturalized US citizen (as I believe he has claimed), then the US is clearly in need of immigration reform.

At any rate, he talks a lot about the militia and patriot movements, and how they'll go after the government and politicians in any "legal" way they can, in order to be able to keep their guns. He warns about the FEMA concentration camps, and predicts that people will begin to "disappear." And he repeats all of the crap about how Hurricane Katrina was created by the government as a test... and he talks of how the police in New Orleans raped and murdered citizens in the aftermath of Katrina... and on and on.

He also offers financial advice -- such as, "Pay cash whenever you can." He's very emphatic about that, but then has to back-pedal a little and clarify that he is not saying you should get rid of all of your credit cards. (It's clear to see why the clarification was necessary. After all, if people don't have credit or debit cards, it will be more difficult for his and Peter's IBMS Master's Society scam to automatically extract money from members on a monthly basis.)

He also says that he emptied most of his bank accounts and that he has stocked up on a lot of gold and silver.

The whole phone call seems so transparently geared to instilling fear in people so they will be motivated to join the IBMS Master's Society scam. Lenny 'splains that even though the ongoing phone calls -- and the militia seminar in Charlotte NC on May 25-26 -- will be very informative and valuable, there are certain things to which only IBMS Master's Society scam members will be privy. He says "It would be unlawful to teach it outside." So there you have it, patriots.

lurking said...

hey, cc, good stuff on coldwell as usual, but any more news on the gin and kt fronts? I have been lurking on some of the facebook pages and both dr c and abe husein have been yawping recently about something that is really going to bring gin down for good this time, final nail in the coffin etc. and abe has been saying that gin usa is already over for all practical purposes. Theres lots of buzz about a expose on a tv show like American greed, in fact i remember that a couple of months ago I think it was DrC said he was talking to american greed and that they would probably air a big show about trudeau and gin in july of this year after kt’s arrest in june, or so dr c said. Then more recently abe was bragging on fb about how he drove kt’s Bentley and went to his house and went to his office and he said they took video and the police were involved. but now hes saying he cant tell more because he is under some kind of contract. ha ha maybe he got some kind of exclusive deal to tell his story or something like to a tv show or to national inquirer. that was my thought anyway. and I remembered how abe and dr C were talking so much about american greed at different times so I thought that might be it. Abe said he has already told too much already but he keeps saying the final blow has been struck to gin. I am wondering if that is true or if he is just talking about another tv show. He built us all up for the kansas city news story and both he and coldwell were saying that this would be the end and that kt would shit in his pants when it came out and that would be it for gin but of course that didn’t happen. So my question is do you know what its all about?

Cosmic Connie said...

Hi, Lurking -- No, I am aware of some of the speculation but really do not know the details. Abe has just recently unblocked me from Facebook so that I too can have the privilege of hearing directly from him about what is going on, and so that I can watch as GIN "falls." I know no more than you do at this point, though.

However, you may be right about the American Greed theory; that's what several folks on FB have been thinking too. Lenny in particular has never been able to keep his big mouth shut about anything, so I would not be surprised to learn that he spilled the beans when he first boasted about talking to American Greed.

But as for the end of GIN -- I've heard "wolf" cried too many times to be really excited at this point.

Having figured out years before Abe and gang that GIN is a scam and KT an incorrigible scammer, I would of course love to see the end of GIN. But I am just taking a wait and see attitude. For now I am sticking with my projection that there will be no neat and tidy endings to this story.

I'm still thinking that Kevin will find some way to escape justice, even if he has to "retire" abroad for a while. He no doubt has enough money saved up in safe places overseas -- enough to continue his lifestyle. And he's probably cooking up new schemes even now, planning for the day when GIN is indeed kaput all over the globe and not just in the US. Reportedly he is still in Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe. Who knows what's next on his itinerary? Ukraine? Dubai? Singapore? If he has enough money there are numerous possibilities.

And of course he will still have his passionate defenders and worshipful fans. If he has to live in "exile" for a while that will make him even more of a hero and martyr to those who just can't see straight.

Anyway, I am sorry I can't be of any more help in giving answers. I would love to be pleasantly surprised and will certainly write about it if I am, but for now I am not holding my breath waiting for GIN's total demise or Kevin's being "brought to justice" -- however one may define justice in this case.

Cosmic Connie said...

By the way, this has been discussed before on a few forums, and touched upon here, but it's relavant to that whole Lenny-the-"ladies'-man" theme. A friend of mine recently asked a former high-level GIN member about the real reason Lenny separated from GIN. My pal asked the ex-GIN member if Lenny had been fired because of his cursing and womanizing.

According to the ex-GIN, Coldwell did get sacked for exactly that reason. He apparently got a warning at the Bahamas event [in fall of 2011] because people walked out of his session, finding it offensive for several reasons. The ex-GIN said, "He told us on the cruise that it was his last warning."

Ex-GIN also said that Lenny got told after the Las Vegas dream weekend in April 2012 that GIN didn't need him any more. And ex-GIN mentioned that Kevin made a video shortly after that -- one that was aimed at Coldwell for not having any new material for the last ten years.

I believe ex-GIN was referring to this video:!

That person is far from the only one who has suggested that Kevin had Lenny in mind when making the video. Kevin also talks about some speakers being "arrogant" and thinking that they are the only great speaker in GIN. Yup, that sounds like Lenny. And he and Peter Wink have been aggressively trying to keep alive the myth that Lenny was the best and perhaps the only good thing about GIN.

And Kevin makes mention of speakers using GIN as a platform to push their own stuff... and not compensating GIN or KT at all. Again, sounds like Lenny.

The ex-GIN person also told my pal something else that others have observed and found disturbing. Coldwell, having a highly inflated sense of his own importance in GIN, was always wanting people to chant his name at GIN events -- actually chant "Dr C Dr C" -- and raise their arms in a salute, as people did when saluting Hitler.

Icky, icky, icky.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. F***ing. God.

That's 12 minutes of my life I'm always going to regret.

No if's or but's.... coldwell is just really, really, REALLY weird. He comes across as a try-hard version of Kevin Trudeau in a conspiracy mood, but Loony Lenny just quite doesn't get there. Myself, my wife, and our guests have just sat here pissing ourselves laughing at this clown.. not so much his accent but what he has to say.

He's just not right in the head.

- Roger

Cosmic Connie said...

My thoughts exactly, Roger!

Hhh said...

Did you know there is a famous thing called The Non-Doctor ?

Anonymous said...

So much research, so much work you put into your blog; do you get paid for this? Do you, cosmic-cop-connie, get laid? Poor thing, too busy typing to have a life. Sadly, no one gives a shit except maybe you. Is that why you call yourself a narcissist? Poor thing. Did people call you a loser growing up? Did people often tell you to get a life? Yeah, most definitely! Oh no, are you going to respond to this in your "blog?" Oh no! Are you going to type with anger in your fingers!
Oh no!!!!! Will you get pissed off and type LIKE THIS~!!!!! OH TAKE OUT ALL OF YOUR AGGRESSION ON YOUR KEYBOARD!!!! Don't you have anyone in your life to talk to? Oh that's right you have people in your virtual world to type to.

Thank you for saving humanity Cosmic Connie.

Cosmic Connie said...

Amy, darling, please call your parents. They told me they are worried sick about you living with that filthy married man. He is only going to make your life worse. It's not too late to escape.

Tom Banjo said...

What is it about Coldwell's healthy lifestyle that makes everyone fat?

Anonymous said...

I looked at the video. Even the studio is a fake one - if you look at around 7:35 you can see how he all of a sudden loses parts of his arms when he stretches them out :) Funny stuff!
The problem is, that people like him make it difficult to fight real conspiracies because he uses them for his greedy purposes.

Cosmic Connie said...

I'm guessing it's the bourbon, Tom. Or maybe the gluttony.