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Friday, April 20, 2007

Let me hear your body talk

"Speak, Body, Speak!" commanded the large bold-faced headline in the email. Reading those words, I pricked up my ears, half expecting to hear my body, or someone else’s, say something. But not a word came from any body. The email, however, said plenty.

The person behind the email is Israeli native turned New Yorker Dr. Shoshana Margolin, MA, ND, PMD, CCN, CBN, NBC, CNN, CSPAN, NBD, PDQ, MILF, LMAO,* a naturopath and homeopath who has been in "holistic practice" since 1972. According to her web site, she "developed the epitome of Holism by interweaving Scientific Nutrition, Full-spectrum Homeopathy, Applied Kinesiology and Emotional Detoxification into a unique naturopathic tapestry." She has pioneered "numerous cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, among them Holistic Testing – which identifies the causative factors underlying any condition (physical or emotional) with great precision."

And, since "quantum" is a word that is charged with meaning in the New-Wage world, you probably won’t be too surprised to learn that Dr.Margolin is also the inventor of something called Quantum Therapy, which, according to her web site, is "the ultimate healing modality... light years ahead of anything else that’s available on the planet." Quantum Therapy "corrects…problems at their core level, through use of non-toxic, non-invasive natural modalities, which are in harmmony (sic) with the living body."

When asked by an interviewer for a weekly newspaper** how her approach differs from that of other holistic practices, Dr. Margolis answered, "Mainly in four aspects: completeness, precision, depth and results. Both testing and therapy are full-spectrum and multi-dimensional."

Dr. Margolin’s approach is based on what she calls Biological Communication, of which she says:

It is a two-way system: On the one hand, it prompts the body to reveal the underlying causes of pathology and dysfunction and to identify obstacles, blocks or barriers that may be interfering with the healing process. This is done through Holistic Testing. On the other hand, the body leads us to the selection of the precise natural, non-invasive and non-toxic healing modalities that it needs in order to create the profound changes that lead to health restoration - gently, quickly and completely. This is the Quantum Therapy part. I want to emphasize, that both aspects are non-medical.

Dr. Margolin is also a fairly prolific author, and has just come out with two books, Let The Body Speak and Let The Body Ask. Still to come: Let the Body Plead, Let the Body Discover, Let the Body Reveal, Let the Body Heal, Let the Body Win, Let the Body Rejoice and Let the Spirit Soar. She explains, "The term ‘Body’ as used in the Holistic realm is not restricted to the flesh-and-blood structure – but rather refers to the 'intangible' components of the Self (emotional, mental, spiritual and cellular memory)... an energy totality!" That’s a lot of territory.

And for those who are seeking out a life coach (which we were just talking about the other day), Dr. Margolin also happens to have a site that will help you find a coach and/or be a coach. So how do you know whether you are qualified to be one? I’m glad you asked. Dr. Margolin offers a simple checklist – and the good news for those of you considering a new career path is that it’s easier than you might have thought to be a coach:

Be A Coach

  • Do you have vast experience or expertise in a particular field?
  • Do you have skills that can be helpful to others?
  • Do you often find yourself being asked for or giving advice?
  • Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with people?
  • Did you gather valuable information for years – which can be shared with and save other people precious time, energy and costly mistakes?
  • Are you able to inspire, motivate, encourage and uplift others?

If you answer "YES" to any of the above, you may qualify to be listed in our new Be A Coach index, where people will be able to find you by subject or area of expertise, by geographic location or by languages spoken.

Hmmm. The Rev and I have this 135-pound Doberman/Rottweiler/black Lab mix named Rex. I may have mentioned before that Rex is the most flatulent dog we have ever known, bar none. He would put poor Walter to shame. Rex is an absolute expert at passing wind, no matter what he has or hasn’t eaten. He definitely has vast experience in the field of farting. And to tell the truth, I think he actually enjoys sharing his expertise with us. I honestly believe that dog gets a sadistic pleasure out of seeing us run out of the room when he lets loose. And, yes, we are often "inspired" and "motivated" to uplift our butts and move them to another part of the house – or to banish Rex to the hinterlands of the hacienda – when he "shares." In addition, I think Rex’s talent goes beyond a mere bodily function; I do believe it is a skill that could be helpful to others, particularly those who find themselves cornered in a room full of Secret enthusiasts who are members of an affiliate program such as SGR. So…let’s see, that’s four out of six of the points above. That does it. I am going to sign Rex up as a Flatulence Coach.

How do you know if you need some coaching yourself? Here’s another handy checklist on Dr. Margolin’s site:

Find A Coach

  • Do you ever feel that you need advice, support or additional information?
  • Do you wish to be more successful, efficient and competent in your life?
  • Do you want to improve relationships, family life, time management?
  • Do you want to make more money, take your career to greater heights?
  • Do you want to be motivated to exrcise (sic), slim down, change your diet or enhance your appearance?
  • Do you want to expand your horizons - or be guided into greater spiritual awakening?
  • Are you success-oriented? Do you care enough to be the very best that you can be?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above (and even if you don't...) – YOU NEED A COACH!

In other words, even if none of the above apply to you, you still need a coach.

So if you want to be holistically tested and quantumly therapized, and/or you’d like to be and/or hire a life coach, give Dr. Margolin a holler. Now if you’ll excuse me, my body is saying something to me. More specifically, my olfactory system is urgently whispering that we need to get out and get some fresh air. Yep, you guessed it: Rex’s body just "spoke" again. Pheeeewwww.

PS - Speaking of Walter, here is a gratuitous political cartoon. I wish I'd done it, but I can't take credit for it.

*Okay, not all of those credentials are real. I’ll leave it to you to determine which ones are and which ones aren’t. Go ahead, it will give you something to do. In all fairness, though, I will say that Dr. Margolin seems willing to give allopathic (traditional Western) medicine its due...sort of.
**Neither the interviewer nor the newspaper is named, but the interview appears on Dr. Margolin’s web site.



Anonymous idioteque said...

why does this concept sound like that ACCESS Energy Transformation crapola?


Friday, April 20, 2007 8:36:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Hmmm... good point, Id. According to an ACCESS site I happened across, "ACCESS is a way to shift and change ANYTHING in your life that doesn't work the way you'd like it to... So. . . how does ACCESS do this? It works by asking the energy of whatever created the limitation to go back to the point of creation of that limitation and undo it at its source, whether that occurred last week or a hundred billion years ago..."

And a bit down the page: "Instead of doing all the drudgery and hard work of getting the barriers in your life to go away, we simply go back to the POINT OF CREATION of whatever caused the limitation and undo it. It makes it simply disappear-- unless, of course, you want to keep the pain and suffering -- that's OK too. ACCESS requires no re-living of events, no trauma and drama, and is pretty darn easy to use and to receive.

"You can get the benefits of these great techniques and information in two ways:

"First, you can schedule a PRIVATE SESSION with an ACCESS practitioner, either IN-PERSON, or OVER THE PHONE..."

The second, of course, is to attend a workshop. Here's the *really* revealing bit: "At the end of most workshops, the facilitator usually asks the audience if they have any thoughts or activity in their head. The participants of the class are often surprised to realize that they not only have no thoughts in their heads, they can't easily form any. From that place of no thought, they can create from infinite possibility. And that is the aim of ACCESS: to give you the freedom and the awareness AND THE TOOLS to be the infinite you."

So... basically you have to unlearn how to think. Sounds like a great formula for getting along in today's world.

Anyway, you get the idea. (Well, obviously, you already *got* the idea. :-)) Come to think of it, ACCESS and Quantum Therapy sound like a whole lot of other New-Wage crapola too.

Now, getting back to Dr. Margolin -- I'm not saying there isn't anything of value in "non-traditional" medicine, e.g., naturopathic medicine, homeopathy and the like. But even good naturopaths/homeopaths can go off the deep end. And when they get into the "quantum" and "multidimensional" realms, they have, in my opinion, definitely gone off the deep end.

Friday, April 20, 2007 9:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Lana said...

Ugh. QT is exactly the kind of stuff that keeps energy psychology on the Quackwatch list. And the coaching training? Come on!

Saturday, April 21, 2007 10:09:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Exactly, Lana. And it really is a shame, too. Like you, I'm less of a skeptic regarding "alternative" health care matters than I am on other issues. But I also understand the value of legitimate research, and there are only so many research dollars available. "Alternative" methods don't stand a chance of serious consideration when they're too heavily infused with "out-there" stuff.

But I do think that under Dr. Margolin's criteria, my dog Rex could be a very effective coach. :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2007 10:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Lana said...

You're right about the lack of research dollars. It takes a ton of money to do good research. And it takes a lot of time and effort to get the findings published in peer-reviewed journals. Energy psychology has a long way to go.

Sometimes it's two steps forward, three steps back -- especially when highly questionnable claims and quantum quackery get thrown into the mix.

Saturday, April 21, 2007 11:38:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Well, said, Lana. I think you need to blog about this again too. :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2007 11:46:00 AM  
Anonymous idioteque said...

So... basically you have to unlearn how to think. Sounds like a great formula for getting along in today's world.

"You must UNLEARN." - Yoda

My body can talk to me, through QT?
lol....I dunno, it's either I eat or learn how to "talk" to my body.

Sadly, I know of many people (like college students) who would rather starve in the name of QT or any other New Wage "the-rapists". And I was duped with that ACCESS thing ;_;

Monday, April 23, 2007 11:31:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

No, Id... your body talks to you all the time! But with QT you'll learn to understand what it's saying. Of course if you don't care for QT there are countless other miracle breakthrough methods (and the-rapists) who will help you shed that annoying monetary baggage. :-)

I definitely need to blog about ACCESS soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 6:44:00 AM  
Anonymous idioteque said...

Good luck with finding any skeptic's info on ACCESS. The Intarwebs seem to be eliminating any negative ACCESS info...I've tried Wikipedia, blogs, etc....sounds like the Gestapo-like actions of the SecRE-tards.

Of course, you should Google "Gary Douglas" and see what you get. He's the "founder" of this ACCESS Energy Transformation "movement".

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 11:17:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Yeah, Id, I did see some stuff about Gary Douglas. And I think the only reason there isn't an official skeptic's comment on ACCESS is that it's not on their radar yet. Give 'em time. :-)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 11:20:00 AM  

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