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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday tidbits

Since today is a bit of a crazy day, I don’t have the presence of mind to devote to my usual deeply insightful, well-researched essays. So just for the sake of keeping this blog current, here are bits and pieces of musings that have been whirling around in my personal cosmos.

Subtle, yet energetic
Just for the fun of it, I Googled "Whirled Musings" today, and one of the results that came up was a link to a blog called
Subtle Energy Solutions. This blog is devoted to "Alternative health news, tips, coaching, and personal experiences with natural health lifestyles. Everything from yoga to organic gardening--solutions for creating a vibrant life."

And guess what? They mentioned moi! Here's what they said:

More subtle energy products interest...
Whirled Musings
Our affiliate vendor, Deborah Stuart of Oxygen Research got some more coverage about her Atlantis subtle energy devices in Connie Schmidt's Blog.

In case you’re interested, here’s the WM post that gave the coverage to which the blogger was referring.

I guess some people really do embrace the axiom that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

What (or who) lies beneath…
Just when I had made peace with some rather earth-shaking ideas about this world we live on, along came an email to shake me up yet again. Recently I wrote about
the hollow-earth concept, and the races of enlightened beings that are living below us, just waiting to emerge and lead us to a brave new age of enlightenment. I was beginning to think the Underworld was a combination of The Emerald City, Shambhala (pictured above), and Nordstrom. Now I’ve just found out that it’s not all sweetness and light down there, after all. Matter of fact, there are as many as 500 million "lost children" stuck in the Nether Worlds. And my fave Lightworker, Bryan James, sent me a notice that the Divine Mother needs help saving these folks:

A huge, unprecedented rescue effort has begun that may involve as many as 500 million Light Beings from all of creation. Our Divine Mother has degreed that one of her top priorities is to recover those who've been trapped and asleep in the lower dimensions (sadly, many have been there for thousands of years).

But there’s good news, and I think it may be related to the 11:11 phenomenon I blogged about just the other day:

As of 11/11/06, about 4% (approximately 2 million) have actually opened their eyes and started to show some life! Hopes are high, but much work will need to be done.

Sounds like hopes aren’t the only things that are high here... Oh, bad, bad Connie. I really should stop picking on Bryan. On the other hand, he does send me more messages, via my favorite new-age spam service, than just about any other Lightworker, so I think he deserves the extra publicity. I am just helping to ensure that he gets the most bang for his advertising buck.

I didn’t see any indication about the method Bryan used to determine that these Nether-folk have begun to open their eyes, but no doubt the Holy Mama sent him an email about it. In any case, your support is needed, in the form of "Light, Love, Prayers, Affirmations, Chantings, Rosaries, etc., for the reclamation of these souls." Bryan says that Light Beings from hundreds of universes are pouring Light into this area and volunteering their support. Naturally, anything you can add to this effort will be appreciated; for more info shoot an email to bryan@circleoflights.com.

I’m thinking that besides the prayers, affirmations, chantings, etc., massive amounts of money wouldn’t hurt either. The question is, how would you get it to these stuck souls? You could bury it in your back yard, hoping that some of them could dig their way up to get it, but that’s kind of iffy. Besides, there’s the matter of currency conversion, since many of these souls are from far-flung places such as Atlantis, Sirius, Lemuria, Telos, etc. Probably the best option would be to send your money in US dollars to me, care of this blog, and I’ll see that the currency is properly converted* and that it gets to the people who need it most.**

It’s the least I can do to help make this old Omniverse a better place.

* Into stuff for me.
** The people who sell the stuff I want.



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