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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Living the high life, Atlantis-style

Sometimes, Dear Ones, this blog just writes itself. Or, rather, there are times when nothing I write could possibly be better than the original material I receive. And I do not channel this material, nor do I do not get it from reading Tarot cards or tea leaves, nor from studying animal entrails. I get it simply by opening my email box. And I intuitively knew that I had come across a true gem when I read the subject line of one of this morning’s emails: "Energies from Atlantis for your highest living."

The source of these ultra-high energies is an astounding new product – or, rather, an ancient product, newly retooled for today’s spiritual sucker seeker. The product is the Atlantis HighLife StarGate System (pictured above) which will allow you to "transform your space into a sanctuary."

"Achieve Deep States of Meditation at the turn of a Dial," the copy promised. "Imagine if you could turn a dial and all your stress melts away. Create a temple or power spot in your own home, and let the law of attraction work for you!"

I could tell you how this device works, but the email explained it ever so much better than I ever could:

The Atlantis HighLife system helps you connect to Source. The Atlantis system generates White Light Energy and is specifically designed to release negative energies from your space, including negative EMF’s, fear, doubt, and even negative emotions from your environment.

The Atlantis HighLife System integrates an advanced alchemy [of] Noble gases, gemstone powders, precious rare earth minerals including, gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium, monatomic gold and platinum’s, north magnetics and sacred geometry to create an extraordinary and harmonious subtle energy field. (The noble gasses are at the outermost edges of the periodic table of elements, and have long been considered gateways to higher states of consciousness.)…

…The noble gases inside the formula electrodes include formula 5 (Bliss) which is the most anti-aging of all the noble gases. Also included are Formula 2 which is wonderful for communication and even sex, formula 3 which is heart opening and emotional intelligence, and formula 1 which is high energy and joy!

The Atlantis HighLife System can be used anywhere, for just about anything:

The LEA Energy Field, High-chi negative ions and vitalized aromatherapy are also ideal for the energy clearing and feng-shui of private and public spaces. Place the Atlantis HighLife system in the Health, Wealth or even Romance corner and experience an immediate positive shift in the energy and your intention. Positively energize creative projects, problem solving, business meetings, meditation and sex!

This system harmonizes, clears and balances all environments for a world class high! Turn it on and you're in the zone. Many compare meditating with the Atlantis system to meditating in a large group, where very deep states of meditation are achieved.

Now I was beginning to get excited. The Atlantis HighLife StarGate System sounded even better than really good drugs. Actually, it sounded as if it were inspired by really good drugs. Drugs or not, the System is the product of years of serious scientific research, based on the findings of some of history’s most credible and respected researchers.

Based on the Technologies of the fathers of subtle energy medicine, Nikola Tesla, William Royale Rife (sic), Wilhelm Reich, and Al Abrahms, M.D., their extensive research shows that the use of noble gasses and subtle energy technologies promotes high vitality, anti aging, increased intuition, creativity, clarity and altered states of consciousness. Ideal for achieving very deep meditative states.

But the device’s lineage goes back much further than that. The Atlanteans were using this technology eons before Tesla, Reich, et al.

…a variety of technologically and highly advanced healing tools blessed the humans of [the Atlantean] era. You are fortunate that some of these tools are now being made available... Many of these tools are being made by the descendants of humans who have since traversed the galaxy since those many thousands of years ago.

This one of a kind Atlantean HighLife StarGate System is the most technologically advanced futuristic device that, when activated, heals the living; and similiar devices in Atlantis even revived the dead. The device works by scanning a targets DNA structure and searches for specific anomalies. Once detected, the target with the aberrant DNA is blocked from spreading further energy in the body. Then an entry of higher DNA energy comes in using a beaming device that transports the higher energetic from another dimension. This is one of the most advanced devices known in the StarGate Omniverse.

The Atlantean HighLife StarGate System is a DNA Resequencer, also called a Genetic manipulation device. It involves space-time high-speed evolution of human beings. You will be "resequenced" to a ultra-extreme state of human advancement, granting you what appears to be superhuman powers. Yet they are really just normal powers that advanced beings on other world's (sic) have.

The device works by altering your DNA and consequently increasing your brain activity from roughly 10% up to 90%. Abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, super-human senses and strength, supernatural health and self healing, perfect memory, and the power to heal by touch can be transmitted via the use of this device. Ascended beings (spiritual, god-like beings living on a "higher plane of existence"), possess similar supernatural abilities, but in far more extreme magnitudes and proficiency. Through extreme evolution, such as that provided by the Atlantean HighLife StarGate System DNA Resequencer, beings in Atlantis would gradually acquire Ascended powers until genuinely Ascending themselves. This solidified the idea that Ascension is the evolutionary target of life in the Omniverse. This also indicated that many of the Atlanteans may have possessed the abilities granted by the HighLife StarGate System DNA Resequencer and some used it to ascend rather than thru the natural state, because this was a slower evolution, due to the manipulated splicing of the DNA done to the human race by the Reptilians. Thus the HighLife StarGate System allows humans to regain the higher state of evolution that was originally theirs in the Garden of Eden!

Given all of these amazing abilities, I’d say that the best thing about the Atlantis HighLife System is the bargain price. Though it normally retails for a mere $13,500, you now have the opportunity to own "a virtually new system" for only $8,500. And it can be yours for "a small deposit and moderate monthly installments."

The "virtually new" Atlantis HighLife StarGate System is being offered by Dr. Da Vid, MD, pictured at left.* Dr. Vid is the director of the SF** Medical Research Foundation and founder of The Light Party. The Light Party – which is actually worthy of a whole separate blog post – is "a wholistic proactive, new political paradigm party." It is a synthesis of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Parties, as well as the Silly Party.

I am sure that by now your chakras are all atingle at the prospect of having an Atlantis HighLife StarGate System of your own, or at least at the notion of obtaining some of the pharmaceutical miracles that inspired this invention. I am not sure if Dr. Da Vid can help you with the latter, but if you want to find out more about the HighLife StarGate System he’s offering, contact him at 415-381-4061, or email him at lightparty@aol.com.

You might also be interested in some of the other available environmental energy systems, or Life Energy Amplifiers, as the manufacturer calls them – e.g., the Atlantis Buck Rogers or the Atlantis Deluxe. Check ’em out at the OxyBliss web site. The sooner you get your own Atlantis System, the sooner you can tap into the power of those noble gases and propel yourself right back to the Garden of Eden, or wherever you want to go in the Omniverse. After all, it's your evolutionary birthright.

* Okay, that's Dr. Emmett Brown from the Back To The Future flicks. But I was close.
** Science Fiction?

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