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Kevin Trudeau has a novel idea: marketing his tall tales as fiction

Today I really intended to mix things up and post about someone/something else besides imprisoned serial scammer Kevin Trudeau, aka KT, aka Katie. After all, he's taken up the previous three posts, and I have a couple of mostly-finished and properly mean posts about other Scamworld luminaries in the hopper. But damned if Katie didn't come up with some more blogworthy blather today on Facebook. And I would be remiss in my blogging responsibilities were I to let this one pass without at least a brief(ish) mention.

Actually this might be slightly encouraging news for those who are burned out on Katie's lies, because he's finally planning to repackage at least some of those lies and market them as fiction. Or "fiction," nudge-nudge-wink-wink.

It seems that while he's been confined at FPC Montgomery, aka Camp Cupcake, he's been busy. In between teaching amazing inspirational courses to hundreds of men, and polishing his holy guru image, and all of the other fun things he's been doing, he has been working on a new magnum dopus. This one will be a novel, which may end up being a series of novels, based upon the whoppers he first told in one of his Natural Cures books, and later expanded upon to suck some of the more gullible (and vulnerable) people into the Global Information Network (GIN). He says he has already begun the first novel, working title The Prodigy. Of course, the prodigy in the title is Katie himself, or so he wants you to believe.
But here, let me let the prodigy tell you through one of his proxies:


Actually several big things are brewing. Remember, in every adversity are the seeds of a greater benefit. I have been incarcerated for "contempt of court", which is not even a felony or misdemeanor.

The incarceration has provided the perfect opportunity for me to do "amazing processes". This includes "writing many things" that I have wanted to write for years, but the timing was never "right". During my time "away", the timing and conditions have been perfect for me to, among other things, "focus, and write".

One of the "things" I have been writing is, I believe, one of the most significant works I have ever written. It will positively impact infinitely more people than anything I have ever done. It will have worldwide appeal.

It will be extremely inexpensive, so everyone can access it. It will still be controversial, but in a way that will increase and expand the readership worldwide. It could, over time, have over 1 billion worldwide readers. The "literary work" I am referring to is a series of "novels". Novels, being entertainment and works of "fiction", have a much larger audience than non-fiction books.

If an author is good, the story compelling, and the books marketed well, there can be over 1 billion readers worldwide in just a few years. This has happened many times. Think of the Harry Potter series, and authors like King, Child, Flynn, Grisham, Steele, Collins, Clancy, Brown, and many others.

"Fiction" simply attracts more readers than non-fiction self-help books. Imagine a series of 20 or more novels (over a period of years) all with the same main character and expanding story line.

As with the Harry Potter series, the Jason Bourne series, the Lord of the Rings series, or Star Wars series, the story and characters flow on a timeline of events. The story itself in my novels, as in those successful and famous examples, will be groundbreaking and unique.

As in the Da Vinci Code, the story will also be highly controversial. And like the Da Vinci Code, although the book is listed as a work of fiction, it will have all the facts right. There will be real people's names, actual well known and documented events, and actual company’s names mentioned.

It will make a compelling case for the underlying theme and conclusions brought out in the books. It will get people talking "is this real or fiction?".

The first book in the series will be entitled "The Prodigy" (working title).
The main character in this series is born with a genetic abnormality in his DNA, giving him certain "abilities". He is a savant in many respects, a prodigy - unique, but not a "superhero".

He is human. He still has "issues", makes mistakes, and has many lessons to learn in life.

His unique and rare "powers" are discovered by an ultra-secret global "group" whose members are from a particular blood line. Are they the legendary and almost mythical "shadow world government", the Illuminati, that people for centuries have said have much to do with "controlling" the world?

The "group" recruits the young boy into this "secret society". He is assigned a "mentor", his "uncle", who trains him how to use his "gifts". He is exposed to shocking and unimaginable "truths" about the "illusion" we call "reality".

The new student is also introduced and trained by other, senior "members" with amazing, almost supernatural abilities. The main character and his unique abilities are "used" to do various activities for the "group's" global agenda.

Like Forrest Gump, he seems to be everywhere and in almost everything that has national or global significance. He also achieves enormous wealth, and lives in opulence and luxury as the people featured in "lifestyles of the rich and famous".

The novels chronicle his "training" and adventures around the world with the group. Other members of the group, all with unique talents and abilities, interact with the main character.

There is action, suspense, and international intrigue. The reader gets an insider's view of the true, mostly sinister underworld of such things as global politics, elections, advertising and media, drug companies, banks, and the international food industry.

You discover never before revealed information about "secret societies", the Vatican connection, the global privileged elite class, royal families, and dynasties like the Rothschild’s, Bush’s, DuPont’s, and Rockefeller’s. You get a never-before look behind the scenes into the never-talked-about, dark world of the world's controlling, privileged, elite class.

You see greed, lust for power and control, and the "world" as you have never imagined. Is it all about money, power, and control, or is there something deeper, more shocking and completely unimaginable that drives the "world elite"?

You are brought in "behind closed doors" and learn the secrets that have been hidden from the masses for centuries.

The curtain is pulled back to reveal the truth about the great "OZ". There are "gurus and sages", villains and heroes, and almost superhuman, psychic, paranormal powers exhibited - bordering on the realm of "magic" or the miraculous.

The reader will learn about the people that "control" the world, and how it all works. Plus, the excitement and drama that unfolds when the main character "leaves" the group, his race for survival and who helps him, and the fulfilling of his destiny.

I am not presenting this as my Autobiography, or my Memoirs. This is a work of "fiction", "inspired by a true story and actual events".

Take that as you like...
Nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

There's much more to the post; for instance, Katie goes on to say that his novels will be "infused" with special energies, and that they will empower and inspire millions all over the world to start reading self-help books and attending courses mentioned in the novels, thus raising the world vibe.
The books will be infused with "energy" that will "awaken" people from the inside, opening their eyes to the truth, as well as opening their true, inner "vision" to "reality". Many people will get goosebumps and tingling sensations up their spine as they read them.
Oh, my, this is all beginning to sound quite familiar. I remember reading about another series of books -- tall tales marketed as "nonfiction" -- from a Russian huckster named Vladimir Megre, aka Vlad the Embellisher; his books about a young, beautiful naked blonde woman named Anastasia, whom he claims he found wandering in the deep woods of Siberia, were absolutely galvanizing the masses years ago. But let's not get too far off track.

Katie assures us that profits and royalties from the books and the movies made from the books will fund that big "Club" he's been dreaming of (the Club that
I first wrote about in December 2019).
The books may even cause miracles to spontaneously happen in people's lives. Much of the "profits and royalties" of the novels and movies will be used to "finance and support" the "movement/group/club" that someday may have millions of like-minded, positive, motivated, "success-oriented” people from around the world as members.
And it's even possible that...
...globally, things will begin to shift in a major way as people begin to think differently (the hundredth monkey syndrome).
Oh, goodness, Kevin, can't you come up with something new? That hundredth monkey nonsense was debunked years and years ago. Even the late ethologist who came up with it, Lyall Watson, later admitted, when cornered, that it wasn't exactly true, but he still thought it was "a good idea." 

I can't help being reminded of one of Kevin's role models, whom he rarely mentions by name but whose great body of work has inspired him through the years: the late L. Ron Hubbard, original perpetrator of Scientology. Elron wrote a famous series of novels too, as well as numerous other third-rate sci-fi and other genres of novels, back in the days before he found his very lucrative shtick as the head of a dangerous cult.

Indeed, when I first shared the link to this post on Facebook, my pal Tim, a long-time friend of this blog, responded that Trudeau is a dummy, and that "he could be L. Ron Hubbard by now" if he'd started out as a fiction writer and had then progressed to starting his own religion or cult. 

If you want to read the whole message about Katie's new project, here's that link again. As you might expect, the announcement was met with great enthusiasm by several supporters, who found his idea mind-blowing, amazing, incredible, magnificent, and so on. Some said it was the very book/series they'd been waiting for.

Well, you know me. I had to get in on the conversation, and fortunately I am still allowed to comment on that particular Facebook page. Look, I know I'm a smart-ass at times, but I'm a positive person overall, and I believe not only in encouraging budding authors, but also in supporting con-artist "marketing gurus" in even their smallest efforts to begin marketing their products more honestly. I hope I was helpful.

But seriously now...
I mentioned above that Katie's new turn as a novelist might be encouraging news to those who were burned out on his lies. And on the surface it may seem that this new project is innocuous enough, since Trudeau has indicated his intention to present the content as fiction. It's all just entertainment -- you know, like J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books, or the legal thrillers of John Grisham, or the prolific works of Stephen King, or the appallingly bad, nearly unreadable prose of Jackie Collins (I'm assuming that's the "Collins" to whom he refers in his Big Announcement). And besides, if he's busy being a novelist, that leaves him less time and energy to run big scams, right?

Well, not necessarily; in fact, probably not -- and I trust that you will take any insinuations I've made that Kevin Trudeau might be turning over a new leaf (so to speak) in the intended spirit of irony. He hasn't given any signals that he intends to get out of the selfish-help/McSpirituality/motivational biz just because he's working on a novel. And he just stated that if this body of fiction does come to fruition, he intends to use royalties and profits to fund his "Club" of "like-minded people." In addition, he is earnestly appealing to the usual gang of gullibles to contribute to the realization of both the novel(s) and the "Club" -- and by contributions, he is almost certainly referring to monetary contributions as well as moral support and positive thinking and whatnot.

My feeling is that when Scamworld luminaries branch out into the arts, they don't get a pass if they continue to run their schemes and scams. Look at
Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale (and then look away! Quickly!). He's been a huckster for decades, but in more recent years decided he was a "singer" too, and has cut numerous "albums." But he's still hustling his overpriced "Miracles Coaching" and countless other info-frauducts and flopportunities, quite a few of which are based on the Law of Attraction mindset popularized by the big moviemercial he "starred" in years ago, The Secret.

Similarly, Kevin Trudeau's attempt to become a novelist doesn't cancel out his years of scheming and scamming, his "lifetime of epic grift," as my blogging colleague
Jason "Salty Droid" Jones wrote back in 2014.
It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the total revenues from Trudeau’s life of scamjobery had topped a billion dollars. This book :: that book … whatever … the books don’t matter. It’s about cartels of badguys buying {preselected for sadness} people in bulk from media/info companies :: and then trading those people around until they become empty vessels … robbed of their money … and often of their sense of self.
Having said all of that, I admit to being a bit curious about Trudeau's narrative style as a fiction writer. I wonder if he'll be as accomplished at writing fiction (which is a whole different art form from writing lies that are marketed as nonfiction) as Joe Vitale is at singing. (Sorry for the earworm. Sometimes you really can't trust me to protect you from bad things.)

Well, I guess we'll just have to wait for the prodigy and The Prodigy to be released in order to make a judgment of Katie's skill as a novelist.

And now if you'll excuse me (and speaking of
chronic liars and lifelong con artists), it's almost time for the State of the Union address. Perhaps Kevin, a great admirer of the Orange Oaf of Office, will be watching too, from Camp Cupcake.

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