Tuesday, April 09, 2019

From drawn-and-quartered martyr to "Crisis Coach": James Arthur Ray's newest desperate gimmick

The world LOVES a comeback story!

And I’m not speaking about your comeback theoretically. I’m speaking from painfully lived experience, so I know how to help you regain what you had through the crisis.

~ Convicted killer James Arthur "Death" Ray, aka
The Scumback Kid, who hasn't yet been able to make his own successful comeback

Isn't it a pity that one little itty-bitty teeny-weenie mistake can ruin your reputation and business and maybe your whole entire life? James Arthur "Death" Ray -- motivational guru, star of the infamous moviemercial The Secret, and convicted killer who served less than two years in an Arizona state prison for negligently homiciding three people in a phony sweat lodge -- feels your pain. And he can guide you right on through it with one of the newest offerings on his menu of desperate comeback attempts services, "Crisis Coaching."

Ray recognizes the profound unfairness of it all. The world, as he has learned the hard way, is so unforgiving:

One mistake and no one recognizes everything that you’ve brought to the table.

Crisis Coaching® brings you back to your pedestal, brings back your life, and brings it back with grace.

You’ve worked hard for your name. You’ve put in more hours than you can possibly count.

And you’ve contributed way more than most to the world.

But one PR explosion, one big error or misstep, and no one remembers any of the good you did.

Take back your life and everything that you’ve worked for.


Regardless of what they’re trying to do to you and your career.

I’m James Arthur Ray and I coach the biggest and best through, back from, and beyond crisis.

Whether they’re accusing you of sleeping around, taking something that wasn’t yours, substance abuse, or spilling oil in the ocean, I help public figures, athletes, and high-powered execs just like you pull through the storm that envelops you.

With Crisis Coaching, your business and legal team will most likely have the tools to manage ruthless media with finesse and suave. So you can get back to what life is really supposed to be like again.

Yet, while they have you in front of a firing squad, you still have to manage your own mental toughness, emotional strength, family and friends (and everything and everyone that seems to come at you when you’re at your lowest); and you have to manage them with confidence, prowess, and power.

I help you do that.
I'm just wondering which one of his coaching clients spilled oil in the ocean.

Death Ray warns that you should not trust such a profoundly important mission to people who haven't been where you are. Trust it instead to Ray, who has been through hell and back himself.

After having built a multi-million dollar brand, I was drawn and quartered because of unfortunate incidents that took place during a retreat I and my company conducted.

As the leader, I lost everything.

But I have since rebuilt my empire.

And I want to make sure you rebuild yours.
"Unfortunate incidents..." So that's how he describes the deaths of James Shore, Kirby Brown, and Liz Neuman, each of whom spent thousands of dollars for the once-in-a-deathtime opportunity to be cooked alive during Ray's "Spiritual Warrior" weekend in Sedona in October 2009. Notice how he spreads the blame around a bit to include "my company."

And as for rebuilding his empire... well, let's just say that despite his continuing efforts,
it seems to be an egregiously downsized scampire at best, and that the downsizing does not appear to be at all voluntary.

But never mind that. If you are a sleep-arounder, a taker of something that wasn't yours, a substance abuser, an oil spiller, or even a killer -- and it's affecting your emotional health and, most egregious of all, your income -- Crisis Coaching might be just the ticket for you; accordingly, James has thoughtfully included, at the bottom of the Crisis Coaching promo page, a handy assessment form for you to fill out. Even if you haven't done something awful, I get the feeling that James will be glad to hear from pretty much anyone, so if you happen to be a loved one of one of his victims, or you were a victim yourself of his
well-documented emotionally abusive and/or physically injurious and/or reckless behavior over the years... or even if you're just really, really sick and tired of his adamant refusal to take responsibility and his constant whining how awful things have been for him... go ahead and fill out the form. Pour out your heart. That's what the form is there for.

And here's an even better idea, if you're at all tempted to give money to James Arthur Ray for any reason: Give it instead to a worthwhile organization, such as, say...
Seek Safely, which was founded by Kirby Brown's family to guide consumers and make self-help practitioners more accountable for their actions through legislation. (Here is the link to donation info.) So far, more than 160 leading lights in the industry have been invited to sign the "Seek Safely" promise... and not one of them has yet done so. In all fairness, some of them are now dead, such as Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. But as for the rest... well, the invitation has been open for years, but nobody who's anybody in the industry seems very interested. That should tell you something.

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