Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Whirled turns 11

Today is the eleventh blogaversary of Whirled Musings, which began life in July 2006 as a humor blog targeting New-Wage/selfish-help/McSpirituality/alt-health scams and scammers. I didn't have any particular expectations for the blog and figured I would continue writing it as long as it continued to be at least marginally entertaining for me and for a few other folks. And for quite a long time it was enormously entertaining, at least for me, and for the most part I kept things on the light side. Then things took a rather serious turn in the latter part of 2009 with the James Arthur Ray "sweat lodge" deaths, which brought home the point that Scamworld has its dark side too.

Still I continued my attempts at humor in between the serious stuff, and even managed to work in a little bit of journalistic reporting regarding matters such as the ongoing saga of
serial scammer Kevin Trudeau and the civil and criminal cases against him. Real journalists even contacted me while working on their own Trudeau stories, not that I ever received any public credit as a source, but that's just the way things go.

In 2012 my Whirled began colliding with one of Trudeau's former boyfriends, cancer quack and faux-doctor
Leonard Coldwell, who tried for years to silence me by posting lies and doxing me, and eventually suing me (unsuccessfully). But the Whirled kept spinning.

And it spins even today, although not everyone likes the spin, particularly as I've become
more frequently political, despite the fact that Whirled Musings is not a political blog, except when it has to be. Some former pals who were disillusioned with the likes of Trudeau and Coldwell were, as it happened, fans of the Scammer-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, and didn't like my expressions of disdain for the #NotMyPresident.

Trump famously said in a private meeting back in 2013 that he was going to
"suck all the oxygen out of the room" once he really decided to run for president. And he did, and he continues to do so, as well as continuing just to suck in general. I fear that he has sucked a lot of oxygen out of this blog as well, for since last year I've been spending far less time blogging my normal beat and more time with political posts on social media.

But I still haven't forgotten or abandoned my original beat, and I have plenty more to write. Thank you again for your support over the years, and if you feel so inclined, blogaversary gifts in the form of donations are always welcome.


Candace Cooper said...

Happy Birthday to your Whirled Connie. I love your writings, please don't ever stop.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on "Whilred's" eleventh anniversary. Thank God for people like you who truly care about victims of the "big suck machine".

Roger Willco

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary. I used to comment years ago being a former GIN member. After that, life got a hold of me and now things have calmed down. Came back to take a peak.

Just an FYI.. Kevin Trudeau has very recently posted on his facebook page (TheKevinTrudeau) the WhiteHouse address and also some kind of petition, to urge the President to either pardon him, reduce his sentence, or time served. He's asking his followers and sympathizers to flood snail mail in letting him go and also on that online petition. He's even claiming there's evidence "someone is looking at all these submissions". Ugghhh. I couldn't read anymore. I watched that video where he and his then Russian (now rich Russian) (ex?) wife were money laundering millions of dollars being sent to Russia. Or was it Ukraine? Doesn't matter. "THEY" got him before he was able to disappear overseas.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I have no doubt that many looking into a relationship with a cult have found your well-written postings useful and informative. Please keep it up.

Cosmic Connie said...

A huge if belated thanks for your good wishes, Candace, Roger, and the two Anons. Your support is very much appreciated!

Anon August 8: I have mentioned Trudeau's petition to Trump a few times on this blog, most recently here:

Also, regarding that casino transaction caught on tape: There's really no telling where the laundered money went. Some may indeed have gone to wife Nataliya's native country, Ukraine, but in any case, I have no doubt that Trudeau has millions stashed in various places where the Feds can't get it. The court-appointed receiver ultimately gave up trying to get all of Trudeau's assets, and the consumers at the center of the criminal contempt case (the case that landed Trudeau in prison), ultimately received paltry compensation. OTOH, the book that was also at the center of the criminal case was only a minor part of Trudeau's massive scampire.