Saturday, October 22, 2016

Drumpf: the nakedest emperor of all

Our favorite little fake robot, Salty Droid, had been silent again for a while after his last post about the Herbalife scampire. I wasn't too concerned because I knew he was busy with other Matters of Consequence having something to do with Salty Droid 2.0, but I still missed him on his blog. Well, now he's back, with a resolution to help see us through the final daze of this appalling U.S. presidential campaign. In his inaugural countdown post, dated 18 October, he wrote:

Twenty days until the election … here comes twenty fake robot posts about the worst piece of shit of Earth. I don’t have enough substance to fill that many posts :: but it seems that those without substance are free to rave like lunatics … and that I can fucking do with the best of them.
That was soon followed by a post about Trump's performance in the third and final (and I have to admit that using the word "final" makes me a little uneasy) presidential debate.

This clowned-faced egomaniac :: full on scammer :: and proud member of Sarah Palin’s no-books club … lost the third presidential debate as badly as he’d lost the first two. But he did make some solid points along the way :: like …
  • Nasty women :: who are too ugly to grope … are ripping babies out of their wombs to support ISIS.
  • Crooked Hillary caused the Middle East.
  • America is a disaster.
  • The cyber emails are a disaster.
  • #lockherup
  • Black people = war zone.
  • War zones = confusing.
  • Syrian refugees are murdering us disastrously because Bashar al-Assad is smarter than President Obama.
  • Why won’t people Wikileaks Sean Hannity?
  • Don the Con shouldn’t have to concede an election to a girl that nobody likes … bigly! #FuckYouAmerica
Apart from the fact that Salty's summary is more coherent than some of Trump's actual word-salad tossing during that debate, I think he nailed it pretty well. And those "solid points" have kept the right-wing foaming-at-the-mouthers pretty busy on social media for the past few days. Some of them just can't stop crying about their conviction that horrible Hillary wants to rip innocent little babies out of the womb hours before they're due to be born. They have zero interest either in Clinton's actual views or the realities of late-term abortion in America.

So let's just let them blather among themselves while we proceed to Salty's final point on that post, which concerns "Donald J. Trump’s next {scam supported} venture ::
Trump TV … which is going to be exactly as successful as Tony Robbins TV."

The following day Salty was back again with a post about Drumpf's attempts to con vulnerable people into thinking they could all get rich selling
a stupid diet program, Silhouette Solutions, through The Trump Network.
Do you want a silhouette that Donald Trump would consider inappropriately ogling :: or do you want your current silhouette … which {let’s face it ladies} wouldn’t be his first choice?

...Here’s how it worked …

  1. Pick the silhouette that you are.
  2. Pick the silhouette that you want to be.
  3. Eat soy isolates instead of food until you get there.
You think that’s a joke :: because it sounds so stupid and this is a joke site … but it’s not a joke … picking silhouettes was the actual fucking gimmick.
The Starter Program was an eight-week deal that cost $1,325. But, noted Salty, "Judging by his current silhouette... it would seem that Mr. Trump couldn't afford his own solution."

Here is a more detailed analysis of Silhouette Solutions, published in August 2015 by a former naturopath. Says she:
I find it telling that Trump ended up selling suspect health products, one of which was designed by a naturopathic doctor, to financially desperate families. Donald Trump is a voracious profiteer.

If Donald Trump became president, the American people can count on a lot of hyperbolic talk with very little intelligent leadership. At least one prominent naturopath might have his ear. Who knows what might happen. There’s always money to be made selling snake-oil.

Trump sold his interest in the diet scam to Bioceutica, LLC in 2012, but the evidence of his pudgy littlefingers being in that pie lives on in Internet archive infamy.
In the previously-linked October 18 post Salty wrote:

I know it seems like the “Trump is conman” story has been eaten by the “Trump is the worst piece of shit on Earth” story … but I think the conman thing is still important. Manipulation of the preprogrammed masses by fake reality celebrities :: the story here … is at the root of all the toxic vines in Trump’s pumpkin patch.
Indeed. There's a devil at the crossroads of politix and Scamworld, and given our celebrity-addicted, entertainment-befuddled culture -- a culture where wingnutty conspiracy narratives are increasingly winning out over nuanced analysis -- it's really not so surprising after all that Herr Drumpf got as far as he did. Frightening, yes, but not surprising.

And not to put too fine a point on the matter, but as I've mentioned before, there seem to be scads of Scamworld luminaries and wannabes who are really into the Donald, imprisoned serial scammer
Kevin Trudeau being one of them, and the notorious Not-Doktor Herr Loony Coldwell being another. It's the old like-attracts-like scenario.
And the sad part is that Drumpf's scams, past and present, are far from unique.

In any case, as I've noted here several times previously, Salty Droid was one of the first and one of the best to nail Drumpf on the latter's Scamworld creds. And I look forward to reading more of his musings as we make our way to what I fervently hope is a rousing victory for that nasty woman, Hillary Clinton. I suppose that it's too much to hope that this season's nakedest emperor, Donald J. Drumpf, will slink into obscurity, but I personally don't care where he slinks, as long as it's nowhere near the Oval Office.

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