Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taking a break from "Wink Wednesdays"

By popular request, Dear Ones, I'm taking a break from the Wink series, but I will probably wrap it up next Wednesday. This week I've been busy with work-related stuff, and Ron and I have been recovering from a weird stomach bug. Oh, yeah, and we finally got the basic pages on our new business web site up and running.

Meanwhile, I'll be back soon with some good old-fashioned snark. Goddess knows there's plenty to snark about.


Anonymous said...

Your new website looks awesome, CC -)

Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks, abalance! I appreciate it.

Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment and responding, but I've been out of pocket and mostly away from the Internet for a few days. It's good to be back.

Anonymous said...

No worries, CC! I've been under the pump myself... running a business is hard work. Working on an updated website as we speak... managed to duck over to wikileaks to check out the latest on scientology a few minutes ago though... interesting reading.

Cosmic Connie said...

Excellent link, abalance. Thanks!