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Friday, January 04, 2019

Conspiranoid blogger claims Trump is good for what's alien us

So it's 2019, at least by the Gregorian calendar, and the Whirled wags on. In July, this blog turns 13, which means that it will be old enough to have its own Blog Mitzvah. You're all invited, and you can $end present$ now to avoid the rush; there's a Donation button up on the left side of the screen (at least on the Web version, with its ancient Blogger template). And now to business.

As I've noted several times previously over the past few years, Whirled Musings did not start out to be a political blog, and technically it still isn't one, except when it has to be, and, increasingly and much to my dismay, it has had to be. Ever since the Orange Oaf of Office first announced his candidacy for the presidency, it has become steadily more obvious that
politix and this blog's normal beat are a match made in purgatory.

Politix in the era of Trump has indeed been cozying up with some strange bedfellows, not the least of which are
the religious right, whose power-hungry theocratic leaders have for the most part embraced Trump, not giving a flying fig leaf that the latter wouldn't know a Bible from a copy of Mein Kampf. And although traditional religion, including hypoChristianity, wasn't originally part of my beat, that's another line that has been blurred, as noted in the post I linked to at the beginning of this paragraph.
In large part because of said blurring of lines [between politics and my blog's original subject matter] another line has been fuzzed as well: the one between my normal beat (New-Wage/McSpirituality etc.) and That Old-Time Religion. I've been asked on more than one occasion why I don't spend more time going after religion, i.e., more traditional faiths. The short answer is that this isn't a "religious" blog either, except when it has to be. But. When you have fundie hypoChristians and evangescammers getting together to pray for Trump to "protect" him from various sources of evil ... well, there you have it: it sort of has to be.
Apart from the Scamworld connection, there are other ways in which politix, or more specifically Trumpworld, melds with some of the more traditional areas of interest on this Whirled, most notably the McSpirituality sector. Take Ivanka Trump and the TM (Transcendental Meditation) scampire... please. There are some TM fanatics who actually look on Ivanka's daddy as an enlightened being who is a harbinger of positive changes for the world.

Turns out that TM-ers aren't the only traditional Whirled snargets with an affinity for the Mad King. Today my pal Chris Locke of the fabulous but dormant Mystic Bourgeoisie blog, writing on Facebook under his nom de Facebook Kat Herding, pointed out a loony blog titled,
"The Final Wakeup Call: What the world doesn't know." It's written by a Dutch conspiracy-porn author named Peter B. Meyer, who is much like many other conspiracy nuts roaming the planet today, except his narratives are peopled with various aliens and inter-dimensional beings... classic Whirled blog fodder, in other words. (One of this blog's favorite subjects, imprisoned serial scammer and Trump fan Kevin Trudeau, is also a long-time fan of aliens.)

In his
inaugural post for the New Year, Meyer claims that Trump is an integral part of a greater movement that is literally going to save the human race.
Fortunately, thanks to President Trump, the Patriots and the Q-movement, the world is undergoing a massive transition. Everything the Cabal has put in place is now being destroyed, step by step.
By "Q-movement" I assume that Meyer is referring to QAnon, a jumble of right-wing, mostly pro-Trump conspiranoids. Here's one place you can read up on that. And here's another.

Anyway, playing a starring role in this yuuuge development are various aliens, both evil and enlightened, near as I can tell from Meyer's rambling screed. Scrolling down a bit, under a bold sub-head, "2019 -- the year of Transition," Meyer waxes poetic about the dawning of a new era. It's kind of like the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but with fascists and conspiracy loons instead of naked hippies.

The world is on the threshold of permanent peace. This is a super large caliber achievement by President Trump and his Team. He brings the American troops back home and the aircraft carriers into their home ports.

Will this extraordinary news make bold headlines in the regular media? Count on NOT. The Deep State still controls the MSM and they are desperate to avoid to publish this information because the war machine and the central banks that are also involved in the financing of their gruesome activities. Not anymore now.

It is over and out for the cabal. Therefore – HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR FOR ALL. Soon, we will continue as free people to develop ourselves as our
Creator always has intended for us. No wars, no hunger, no poverty, no more misery. We are going to enjoy life to the fullest. This information is also meant for the sleepers who still refuse to to know anything about. Please contribute in this endeavour by sharing this message with everyone you know, informing the awake or asleep.
Just in case you have any doubts whatsoever about Meyer's own political leanings, here's his take on the woman every ignorant conspiranoid loves to hate, Hillary Clinton.

And there you have it, all of you sleepers. I've done my duty by sharing Meyer's message. Now I'm off to take a power nap while my husband whips up a batch of potato kugel (with schmaltz!) for supper. Being a sleeper isn't a bad thing at all, especially if you have cats and dogs to snooze with.

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