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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Serial scammer Kevin Trudeau, like Donald Trump, claims to be victim of "Fake News"

For well over a year, imprisoned serial scammer Kevin Trudeau, aka KT, aka Katie, has been begging #NotMyPresident Donald J. Trump, with whom he has much in common, to commute Katie's 10-year prison sentence and pardon him. You surely know this if you have been a Whirled visitor for any length of time. It seems like I just wrote about this matter again at the end of May.

Alas, Herr Twitler still has not turned his attention to poor Katie, who, years before he was sent to
Federal sleepaway camp, had positioned himself as a First Amendment martyr. much put upon by an evil and corrupt Government. In mid-June Katie posted yet another entreaty on his Facebook page:
President Trump is commuting inmates’ sentences! It is all over the news. The President is looking at inmates who were "treated badly, unfairly and unjustly" by Federal prosecutors and Judges. He is looking at commuting the sentences of inmates that "simply got too much prison time for the crimes they committed". My petition is one of those. You can help tip the scales and get President Trump to grant my petition for a reduction of sentence and have me immediately released. Write, call and email President Trump and tell him you want him to grant my Petition. Tell him how you feel about the way I was treated by the judicial system. Tell him what you think about my books and anything else you feel like telling him. Do the same to Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada as well as Sergio Mattarella, the President of Italy and Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister of Italy (as I have Canadian roots and am also an Italian citizen). You can make a difference. Now is the time to act and let these powerful people know the TRUTH. All they have heard is the Fake News about me and all the lies the government and media has said about me, my books, and my businesses. Thank you for all your help! Whatever the outcome, everything is Divinely guided and will all be perfect for the highest good of everyone! Much love...your friend, KT
The post then proceeded to list the contact info for Justin Trudeau and the two Italian leaders. I find it interesting that Katie didn't claim to be related to Justin Trudeau, even though his older brother Bobby had previously made this claim. In any case, since both Kevin and Bobby were adopted, it would seem there isn't any actual blood relationship.

What I find even more interesting, though hardly surprising, is that Katie continues to draw inspiration from Trump's whines about the evil press in order to make his own case. And now he has officially adopted the term "Fake News" for his free-me campaign, giving his supporters yet another lame weapon to brandish.

And yet... and yet... Katie
also continues to claim that he lives in a state of perfect bliss and is unattached to the outcome of his ongoing campaign for freedom. He is still pushing his selfish-help/McSpirituality shtick, framing it in an over-simplified, Katie-ised concept of non-duality at the moment, and hawking his "Science of Personal Mastery" course, which he claims to be teaching to "some of the men here." ("It works 100 % of the time!") Wrote Katie, a mere week after imploring his fans to go international in their efforts to help spring him:

Many people ask me how I am doing. It may be hard for you to grasp this, but I am doing better than ever. Everything is perfect. I am living in constant bliss and joy. I smile and laugh all day. I am thankful, grateful and appreciative every moment. Whatever happens, I see it as the perfect "play of the Universal Consciousness".
This is not something I intellectually understand. This is something that I "see" and actually fully experience. Most people live with themselves as the "subject" and what they are looking at as the object. That is "duality". For me, there is no subject and no object.
Everything is simply different expressions of the same ONE Universal Consciousness. That Consciousness is pure unconditional love. It is beyond perfect benevolence. I therefore "see" and experience everything (without exception and without condition) as perfect "love". This means I only experience total and complete oneness and inner joy at all times.
This is hard for people to imagine as most people deal with various emotions all day with lots of "ups and downs". I simply do not have that. You can enjoy this amazing state as well. I can teach you the secrets. I am teaching some of the men here, and it works 100% of the time! Desire this state, and it can be yours. Much love. Your friend, KT
Ask about The Science of Personal Mastery Course...[email address]
Presumably he is teaching his fellow inmates all of this Personal Mastery for free, though who knows what sort of commerce arrangements go on at sleepaway camp? But you on the outside have to pay real money for Katie's wisdom, with proceeds going to his legal defense fund.

Meanwhile, in the real world, real journalists and legitimate media outlets are increasingly being smeared with
Herr Twitler's "Fake News" brush, which, similar to Kevin Trudeau's frame of reference, essentially means any news or opinions that he doesn't like. One of my Facebook friends who leans towards conservative views insists that Trump has not indicted all of the press, only the "Fake News." But that's a disingenuous argument at best, as Trump has named numerous specific outlets that, collectively, comprise a very large segment of the mainstream press. And to scads of his unthinking followers, that easily translates to pretty much all of the press, with the exception of FOX News and numerous conservative and alt-right sites. Trump knows exactly what he is doing by conflating what he defines as "Fake News" outlets and the press at large.

In the process of relentlessly smearing most of the mainstream news media, Trump is creating an ever-more hostile working environment for journalists, and my fear is that it is only a matter of time before some lunatic Trumpian takes violent action against journalists. The blood of the
Capital Gazette victims of last week's shooting may not be on Trump's hands, but then again, his inflammatory rhetoric about the press is falling on the ears of the unhinged as well as on those of saner folk. After all, the Gazette's own editorial on July 1 noted that in addition to all of the heartwarming support they were receiving, they were also getting "Death threats and emails from people we don’t know celebrating our loss."( The right-wing pundits are all over this, of course, accusing the Gazette of "politicizing" their loss. Well, a-holes, it is political, however personal the individual shooter's motive may have been. You can thank your orange hero for making it political.)

And by the way, I went on a while back about the definition of fake news here (see under, "Separating real fake news from fake fake news").
In any case (getting back to the original point of this post,), it would appear that Donald Trump is still too distracted with other matters to tend to his Katie-pardoning duties. But that's okay. Katie can continue to rack up his martyr points while pushing his scams from his minimum-security digs, and when he is released -- whenever that may be -- he can take up right where he left off.

In other words... as usual... No Neat and Tidy Endings.

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