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Saturday, July 14, 2018

March For Our Lives kids: run for your lives from Access Consciousness

It has been quite a while since I wrote about the cultish, partially Scientology-inspired, word-salad-tossing and deviously wacko phenomenon known as Access Consciousness. In past years Access has been a frequent topic on this Whirled, and it remains the most frequently-searched Whirled topic on Google. I'm still getting correspondence from people who have been bewildered, befuddled, and bothered by their own experiences with Access or by witnessing loved ones who seem to have gone off the deep end. I've been threatened with lawsuits by Access founder Gary Douglas, fake-love-bombed by doting Access members, and cited in both anti- and pro-Access content online.

Wondering what Access had been up to lately, I ventured onto their Facebook page, and was met with
a gaudy announcement of an upcoming "free" event on July 20, 2018 in Washington, D.C., dubbed "The Leaders of the Future." Here's the bit that really caught my attention:
Inspired by the group of kids who started March for Our Lives. If you're one of them, please come so we can learn how to support you because you are the leaders of the future! A statesman of possibility!
Word to "kids who started March For Our Lives": Run, don't march, away from this one. If you thought you were being exploited by politicians, advocacy groups and the news media, that's nothing compared to the potential exploitation by Access.

One of the commenters on the Facebook thread
carried the "Statesman" motif to silly lengths with a graphic, somewhat in the style of the famous and egregiously over-imitated Obama/Hope poster, suggesting that Gary Douglas himself is A True Statesman.

The Facebook post contained a link to
info on the Access web site about the upcoming event in Washington. Though "free," the event is conveniently being held in the same location as a three-day Access event that is definitely not free, Choice of Possibilities, in which "you will gain access to a space where you begin to recognize your capacities as an infinite being." Far out, man. That's heavy. (Accessories would most likely argue with that last statement, insisting that on the contrary, Access is all about being light, not heavy.) 

I would tell you how much Choice of Possibilities costs, but Access is very coy about it, merely stating on the public pages that "Country pricing and Age pricing applies," and that "Your individual and applied pricing can be seen under Billing & Payments after registering." Suffice to say that there are prerequisites; you can only take Choice of Possibilities class if you have already given lots of money to Access for more basic classes. Even so I have no doubt that the "free" Leaders of the Future event will provide a platform for some aggressively loving upselling.

The Leaders of the Future page gives a rundown of some of the problems facing the leaders of the future and those of today and all of the rest of us:

Human rights have been abolished, National Parks have lost protection, Nations are being divided and young lives are being lost to gunfire. It seems obvious that change is required and yet the people seem lost for direction when looking at the current leaders of the world. That is why I am asking you to stand up and take action, be the leader of your future and demand that this changes no matter what it takes.
Now, some might point out to me that at least Access appears to be on the side of progressive, socially-conscious causes, unlike so many of the scams and scammers these days, who seem to lean heavily towards the alt-right -- as discussed in one of my recent posts about elitism (see under "Left, right, left, right"). In that sense Access is congruent with the "liberal" roots of the New-Age movement. But Access's social consciousness is a Trojan horse. Don't be fooled; in the end, it's really all about the money (and possibly the sex) for Gary and his boy Dain Heer, and perhaps a few of the upper echelon of Access "facilitators."

At best, Access' attempts to create a better planet will be about as effective as efforts by the original psychobabbling LGAT, est, to tackle world hunger -- as reported in Mother Jones 40years ago. Or for that matter, this latest stab at conspicuous social consciousness will be as effective as Access's Ocean 300 farce a few years ago, which promised to clean up that plastic flustercuck in the Pacific Ocean. Some things just never change.

In any case, as far as I'm concerned,
this is a far more honest take on Access:

In Access, as in so many other scams, your mind, if it functions properly, really is a dangerous thing -- dangerous to the leaders' money stream, anyway.

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