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Monday, November 07, 2016

Secrets of the great pyramids

John Oliver has some hilariously spot-on things to say about those pyramid schemes known as MLMs, including but not limited to the infamous Herbalife, as well as Youngevity. Here you go:

Herbalife CEO Michael O. Johnson
Granted, this was a far from comprehensive examination of the scourge of MLM, but it did cover some basic truths in a largely humorous way, without being unsympathetic to the victimized. And as Salty Droid has done in greater depth over the years, Oliver focused on the ways that some of the most economically and socially vulnerable demographics are being targeted by ubiquitous giants such as Herbalife.

I would have liked to have seen a mention of now-imprisoned serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's Global Information Network (GIN). In its glory days GIN scammed thousands of people out of millions of dollars, without even offering a tangible product that would have allowed the notorious phenomenon known as "garage qualifying" (in which participants buy their way into a certain position in the compensation plan by purchasing hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of product, which ends up unsold in their garages). The "product" for sale in the GIN MLM back in the day was a $1,000 Level One membership in GIN. But since that old GIN MLM is no longer operating at those monetary levels, I can understand why the producers would have wanted to focus on more current and higher-dollar scams.

All things considered, I think Oliver's effort is a worthy addition to the critical and cautionary content regarding MLMs. I hope it finds a wide audience.

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