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Friday, March 14, 2014

Kevin Trudeau: Mad professor hippie Magoo begs judge for mercy

As currently-jailed serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's sentencing for his criminal contempt conviction approaches (it is scheduled for this Saint Patty's Day at 2:00 PM), there's been a lot of busy-ness in the courts. As reported
here a couple of days ago, the government filed a sentencing memorandum on March 10, recommending at least a ten-year stint in the cage for Katie. I linked to the memo and exhibits on that previous post, but for your convenience here it is again.

More documents were filed over the next couple of days. On March 11 Katie's lawyers filed a plea for leniency, and on March 12 Katie himself wrote a letter to the judge in the civil case, Robert Gettleman, asking him to puh-LEEZE intervene on Katie's behalf with the criminal-case judge, Ronald Guzman.

At the moment I'm having Scribd glitches with PDFs and MIME stuff so I can't upload the documents and give you a handy Scribd link. But you might be able to get to the docs from the Facebook thread on the GIN Network Truth group, where I shared them yesterday.

Here is that link.

UPDATE 18 MARCH 2014: Scribd glitches finally corrected.
Here is the Scribd link. 

Since both the March 11 criminal case document and the March 12 civil case doc are about Katie begging for mercy in preparation for the sentencing, I felt they belonged together, even though I usually upload the criminal docs separately from the civil docs. Accordingly, if you can get to the links provided, the first one you'll see is from the civil case; that's Katie's plea to Judge Gettleman for mercy. He makes mention of nearly 90 pleas to Judge Guzman on his behalf, including one from his rabbi. Oy, vey, such a nice Jewish boy he is, having to suffer so needlessly.

By the way, keep in mind that Judge Gettleman is actually the one who is currently holding Katie in the cage for the civil contempt case. The sentence Judge Guzman hands down will be for the criminal contempt case. (I know it's hard to keep up with all of this stuff. Did you know that the civil case has, in nearly eleven years, generated more than 15,000 pages of court docs? Whew.)

Anyway. Katie's melodramatic letter was filed along with one exhibit: a two-page order from Judge Gettleman dated April 16, 2010. Following that, you'll see the plea that Katie's lawyers made in the criminal case on March 11, asking for a max two-year sentence.

Naturally, Katie's ex-b.f.f. and alt-health spokesquack, Loony Coldwell, has taken a brief break from his recent
rants and frivolous lawsuits to quote and gloat about Trudeau's letter, calling Trudeau a sociopathic con man who's scared crapless. True enough, Loony, but coming from a psychopathic con man like yourself, the message is amusing in ways you probably didn't intend it to be.

In the court documents there are references to the PSI -- pre-sentence investigation -- report. The original PSI report as well as a supplemental one are still sealed, so I can't read or share them at the moment.

As for Katie himself and that whole begging-for-mercy thing, it's deja screw all over again. I know I've linked to a 2005 Smoking Gun article numerous times here and on Facebook, but I am sharing it again in case you haven't seen it or would like to revisit it. If you follow the links you will see a couple of people begging for mercy, on Katie's behalf, back in the 1990s. Of note, a psychiatrist and Kevin's mommy wrote letters asking the court for leniency (there is some dispute over whether Mom wrote the letter herself or Kevin wrote it). Anyway, here's that link; it's to the home page, and you can follow the other links from there:

Meanwhile back at the MCC, Katie preps for his next mercy plea. So far he's been spectacularly unsuccessful in getting mercy from Judge Gettleman, who has clearly lost patience with him after more than a decade of listening to his lies. So apparently now Katie is growing his hair out and continuing to wear his Coke bottle glasses that make his eyes look itty-bitty, despite the fact that, according to court docs filed late last month, Katie was granted permission to get his contacts as well as his personal glasses back (click to enlarge).

Anyway, on March 13, his proxy had this to say on Trudeau's Facebook page:

My sentencing date is Monday, March 17th. How long will I have to be in prison? 6 months? 6 years? 20 years? No one knows. But we all will find out soon! I know I will get out as soon as is perfect. The universe knows what is best for my highest good. (28 years was for Mandala and the country of So Africa's highest good!) Whatever it is it is. A piece of coal needs a certain amount of time and pressure before it transforms into a diamond. I need a certain amount of time and "pressure' for me to reach my spiritual goals and desires and for me to release all the abilities I want to release. The universe knows the answer. I am thankful for this experience and the growth I am achieving. I could have never achieved spiritually what I have if it were not for this experience, environment, and all that has happened. And I am doing things I always wanted to do…like let my hair grow! I have not cut my hair since I have been here! I look almost like a cross between a crazy professor and a hippie! And my grey hairs are pouring in! I also am not wearing contact lenses and letting my eyes rest after all those years of contact lenses use. My super thick "coke bottle" glasses make my eyes so small looking! I feel like Mr .Magoo!! I look so funny! We all have a great laugh with my crazy greying long hair and Mr Magoo glasses! Everyday is a great day for me as I am one day closer to being free, and I to continue my "lessons" and training exercises!. Be happy everyday...life is way too short! Much Love...KT

"Thankful for this experience and the growth I am achieving..." I guess maybe he means his hair growth? Maybe we'll find out on Monday. Or maybe his lawyers will talk him into cleaning himself up and making a dignified appearance. Perhaps he'll even be allowed to wear street clothes instead of his orange jammies. Anyhow, say what you will about him, mad hippie Professor Katie Magoo still has his fan base. So far nearly 700 people have "liked" the comment above, and there are more than 200 comments, many of them supportive (though more dissenters are showing up).
Here's a permalink to the thread.

My guy Ron, quoting
a news article about the upcoming trial, wrote this on Facebook:
In their pleas for mercy, Trudeau's lawyers say Trudeau “is a man who has consistently displayed kindness” and “generosity.”

Kind enough to go through his entire teen & adult life bilking people out of their money. Generous enough to foist Coldwell upon a trusting public. Give him 10 years and a very tight leash for life.
I don't necessarily agree with a ten-year sentence, but everything else Ron said in that comment is spot on.

The government sentencing memorandum I linked to above, and on my previous post, notes that Trudeau...

...preys upon the sick who want to be made healthy, the poor who want to become rich, and the insecure who want to feel better about themselves. He exploits consumers’ insecurities and weaknesses, promising them an easy fix for whatever hurts or embarrasses them.
True enough, Feds. But... duh... the same could be said of just about every Scamworld guru, including some of Trudeau's present and past cohorts who are still running free and filing frivolous lawsuits. This isn't to dismiss the egregiousness of Trudeau's offenses at all. I'm just making an observation.

As for Katie's sentence, I'm told that the smart money is still on two to five, but I'm not a betting woman, and I have given up trying to make predictions... except, of course, for my usual prediction that there will be no neat and tidy endings. 

PS added 16 March 2014: Katie gets proactive, apparently having been informed that some emails will be read in court that reveal the real Katie. This is from earlier today:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great post Connie! Thanks for keeping us updated.

I read the document filed by the FTC stating that KT deserves ten years and I agree that ten years is definitely too long. Not only that, they are also trying to use his "30 year history" as part of their reasoning for the sentence. The fact is, prior actions have already been punished so it really doesn't matter what happened in the past.

I am looking forward to reading what KT's lawyers have to say once you post those documents...


Friday, March 14, 2014 1:02:00 PM  
Blogger Sheila O'Shea said...

My rage at KT having the audacity to compare his situation to that of Nelson Mandela is alleviated by my amusement that he couldn't be arsed to spell the man's name correctly.

Friday, March 14, 2014 1:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what pisses me off. This is from Ripoff Report.

They're still taking gullible people's money.

Look at the date : March 11th.

This whole operation is fraudulent.


• Tue, March 11, 2014
• Reported By: Patricia B — Balch Springs Texas

Kevin Trudeau
Reno, Nevada USA • Phone: 888-856-9046
• Web: www.KevinsFreeMoney.com
• Category: Telemarketers

Kevin Trudeau Kevin Trudeau's Free Money Sent me a book ANOTHER SCAM TO GET MORE OF MY MONEY. Reno Nevada

Sent me a book, plus a free one costing $25.90. Asked me if I wanted Priority Shipping and I said yes. Priority mail is $10.01 for a package this size and weight. They charged me $33.85 for shipping and handling. That's more than what they charged me for the books! When I tried to call the number listed on the invoice, I was put on hold for over 25 minutes and no one ever answered my call. I sent an email to the address listed on their site and got a message to check the spelling of the email address, that the email address I had entered was faulty. I simply clicked on the link for customer service on their website and it turns out that it is a bad email address. They say that if you don't use a Return Authorization number to return the product you are subject to a restocking fee, ANOTHER SCAM TO GET MORE OF MY MONEY. Now how am I supposed to return these books for a refund?

Sunday, March 16, 2014 12:19:00 AM  

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