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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kevin Trudeau update: Katie still caged, awaiting next hearing, while GINtervenors and receiver duke it out on paper

[NOTE: Be sure to see the January 30 updates, below. ~CC]

On Thursday, January 30, which, as I am initially publishing this post, is tomorrow ("only a day awaaaaay"), serial scammer Kevin Trudeau is due in Judge Gettleman's civil court again for another status hearing. During that hearing, presumably, a few big issues will be decided, including the fate of Ohio Global Information Network (GIN) member Perry Kiraly's "Intervenor" movement,
which first hit the civil docket on November 18, 2014.

But before I go any further, this just in: Judge Ronald Guzman, who is presiding over the criminal contempt case (for which Katie is currently scheduled to be sentenced on March 17), has just signed an order denying
his previous motion for acquittal. Here's the link to that document.
(And here's a link to the report by NBC5 in Chicago.)

The past couple of days have been busy ones, court-wise, as numerous documents have been filed in preparation for Thursday's civil case hearing. Apart from the huge ongoing issue of Katie's hidden assets, of which the receiver has still apparently been able to retrieve only a small portion, there's the big scavenger fight over the ultimate ownership of GIN.

I went to PACER and grabbed a bunch of stuff from Monday, January 27 and Tuesday, January 28. I shared them on the GIN Network Truth group on Facebook the afternoon of the 28th, and have since uploaded them to Scribd as well. They're in four groups, as follows:

1. The receiver's "sur-reply" (which just means an additional reply) to the intervenors (Perry Kiraly and gang).
Filed January 27, 2014. Here is that link:

The receiver calls out Perry for trying to influence people to quit GIN so its value will go down and Perry and gang can buy it cheap. The receivers also seem a little p.o.'d at Perry for what they see as his misrepresentations of their actions and intentions. There's a little legal saber-rattling at the end of the reply, too; this is from page 9 of 10 on Document 812-1, filed on January 27, 2014.

To be certain, to the extent that evidence bears out efforts by an individual or individuals to financially ruin GIN by intentionally interfering with GIN’s relationship with its customers in order to suppress its value and force a fire sale of its assets, the Receiver reserves all rights to bring appropriate claims, including for tortious interference. Notwithstanding such reservation, out of an appreciation of the sometimes extreme passion of GIN’s membership, the Receiver has demonstrated substantial restraint in not pressing its full array of legal remedies against a myriad of parties that have defamed the Receiver and inappropriately interfered with the receivership.
I suspect that they are not only thinking of Perry and gang but also of the loudest mouths in the GIN destroyer camp, e.g., former Katie b.f.f. Mocktor Loony Coldwell and Peter Wink, who have been slamming the receiver non stop for months (at least since September of last year).

More recently Peter has just been snarking about the receiver's hefty fees.

While I seriously doubt that Winkwell's intentions are in any way altruistic, I support anyone's right to snark. It's up to the receiver to decide whether the ramblings of C-list scammers and their enablers are even worth their time and effort. The receiver does seem openly concerned about Perry's gang, though.

I am a little surprised that the receiver didn't make a thing out of the fact that the replies regarding the motion to intervene were due on January 17 and were not filed (by Perry's lawyer) until January 20. The receiver mentioned all of these dates in their sur-reply, but didn't make an issue of it.

[SPOILER ALERT, added 30 January: The GINtervenors lost. See update below. ~CC]

2. The FTC's statement in advance of the hearing that is coming up on Thursday, Jan. 30. Filed January 28, 2014. Here is that link.
The Feds wanted to get some more digs in at Katie to prove their point that his contempt is particularly contemptible and he belongs in a cage. There's nothing particularly new here, but they do a pretty good job of driving their point home.

3. The long-awaited receiver's second report, where they go on about what they've been up to for the past couple of months, and how much it is going to cost.
Here is that link.

This is what has had Wink's panties in a wad for the past few days, and his and Loony's panties in a wad for the past few months. And Perry's panties too, for that matter. And the panties of many who only wish they were making that kind of money. And I'm sorry that I got you started thinking about any of their panties.
But since I'm already on that track, here's this, which you may have seen before. I bet it's a real hot seller.

Although I think the receiver has made a pretty good case against the Intervenors, I did raise my eyebrow at their statement that GIN has been profitable for the past few months. The footnote explains that the figures they offered to back up that statement do not include their fees.
The receiver also came out and said that there are currently three groups or parties vying for GIN, or at least for its intellectual property. My current best guess, based "upon information and belief," as the lawyerly types like to say, is that if the receiver's statement is accurate, the three are:
1. The Kramer brothers, owners of the GIN store. Greg Kramer is currently head of the new Leadership Roundtable, but that doesn't rule out his competing for rights to GIN. And he does have a lot invested in GIN as a brand.
2. Jeff Devine and Coral Thomas (she is a life-coach scammer and long-time Katie supporter).
3. Perry and his gang.
But hey, I'm willing to change my opinion as new gossip and informed opinions from surprising sources reach my ears.

4. Perry Kiraly et al.'s response to the receiver's sur-reply. Here is that link.

This was filed later in the day on January 28, and among other things the motion accuses the receiver of improperly filing the sur-reply, not addressing the issues, and continuing to hide his (the receiver's) "true motives." I also noticed that Perry (or rather his Shimko) claimed not to know anything about The Hybrid Group, which is Jeff Devine's company and has been in the picture since GIN began. As noted above, Jeff is reportedly one of the parties interested in buying GIN. The Shimko calls The Hybrid Group "a newly identified group...about whom nobody seems to know anything." Shimko, you haven't been doing your homework.

At any rate, the scrappy Shimko is in full dramatic mode, winding up with an entreaty to the court to "let in the 'sunshine'" -- which invariably brings to mind that famous song from the tribal love-rock musical Hair.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, propaganda efforts continue from the aforementioned Blights of the Roundtable, the newly appointed "leadership" in the struggling GIN. On Sunday afternoon, January 26, Roundtable member and passionate Katie supporter Nancy Ashley sent out an email blast with a couple of hilarious audios attached. Unfortunately part of the auds were lost in transmission, but I was able to grab a portion of one. First here's the email...
From: EmpoweringDreams
To: empoweringdreams
Sent: Sun, Jan 26, 2014 12:50 pm
Subject: Action Call for KT

Hello Awesome Ones,

Below is a link to two snippets of a Call to Action Conference Call last night from Dr. Tom Morter, Ed Foreman and Coral Thomas, The Secret to Life Coaching. They are in LA doing a Fund Raiser for KT, and the first short audio is from Dr. Tom explaining the URGENT need right now for this Call to Action, and the second audio is a very short clip from Ed Foreman and then Coral Thomas explaining how you can participate in this call to action............ and what win/win benefits are available to you.

To contribute, go to www.ktlegaldefense dot com and make the contribution you select from what Coral explains is available on the second audio.

After you contribute, please email ktlegaldefense at gmail.com (Janine), and tell her you are contributing from my email for The Secret to Life Coaching Company, and she will know what win/win "benefits" your contribution is entitled to.......

So please listen to the two very short audios below ........ the first is from Dr. Tom, and the second is a very short clip of Ed Foreman, and then Coral explaining the ways to contribute and what amazing things have happened since she started coaching with KT............. and you'll see why a Council spot in The Secret to Life's Coaching Company is a very timely "gem".

Link to both audios:
[NOTE: link in email no longer works. ~CC]
Love you all and thank you for your time,

Nancy Ashley, President and Founder
The Ashley International Group, Inc. ~ in 53 Countries
Marketing Evolutionary Health and Wealth Concepts
And here's a link to the audio.

The voice on the audio is that of Katie's long time fishing buddy and enabler, Dr. Tom Morter, who runs scams of his own but whose platform was expanded greatly because of his association with Katie and GIN. He talks about how Katie is walking the talk, and is making the best out of things despite being trapped in a cage, subjected to bad food and regular full-body strip searches. And he emphasizes that Katie is not the selfish, greedy person that the folks on the Interwebz are claiming. The Interwebz Katie is not the real Katie, sez Dr. Tom. As proof of his statement he tells a story of how Kevin gave warm coats and blankets to the homeless a few years ago during the cold Chicago winter. And this was while Kevin was at the height of his career and in full glory as the Infomercial King. He didn't have to even say boo to the bums, but he gave of himself to help those down-on-their-luck losers (which was what he probably really thought of them -- not what I personally think of people who are broken and disenfranchised).

Listening to the heartwarming tale, I had this eerie feeling of deja screw... and then I remembered Peter Wink telling me a very similar story about Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale a few years ago. Joe has been a frequent snarget on this Whirled. Peter told me about Joe handing out money to the homeless on the streets of downtown Chicago, no questions asked. It seems that the downtrodden of Chicago are a handy prop for certain Scamworld gurus.

Peter was telling me this story in a deliberate effort to give me a more balanced picture of Joe; I suppose he felt a little guilty about all of the snarky things he'd said about him to me, things that he knew I was going to write about on my blog. And he was still trying to stay on pretty good terms with Joe at the time; even though they'd had a stormy breakup when Peter went to work for Kevin, he and Joe had more or less made up and were apparently planning some ventures together.

Anyway, here's what I wrote,
back in April of 2010, and it seems to apply to Kevin as well.

Where self-help gurus are concerned, though, Peter said there are other unpublicized everyday acts of kindness. He spoke, for example, of times he walked through the streets of downtown Chicago with Joe, and Joe would just hand out money to homeless people, no questions asked. Again, I have no problem letting anyone know about things like that. Nor do I have a problem with Peter’s attempt to present a more nuanced view of Joe and other industry leaders. In my observation, however, few critics of the New-Wage leaders actually think the gurus are completely heartless and selfish; that’s really not the point of their criticism. The question is: Do these acts of kindness and generosity make up for the extravagant promises and unfounded claims about products, services, and events? Or for the greed and the egotism? Or for the lamentable way some of these folks treat those closest to them? Or, in some cases, for the real harm they do to others?

I'm thinking that most critics would say no.
Yeah. What I said. There are few things more disingenuous than conspicuous altruism by proxy, where the conspicuous altruist doesn't do his or her own bragging but leaves it to others to do it. It's a transparent ploy, generally used when the apologists know that really don't have much to work with.So what do I think of these latest developments in the ongoing GIN saga? I think the whole "hidden motives" meme re the receiver is mostly histrionics from those who want to continue to milk the GIN cash cow. The receiver is still following a court order, and of course they're going to want their piece of the pie for the work they've done -- but ultimately Kevin is to blame for all of that. And I think that for the most part those who are scrapping over GIN, and some of those watching from the sidelines while flogging their own seekrit societies, are scammers or schemers in their own right, some worse than others. The IMBS-ers are among the worst of all of the sideliners, in my opinion -- for many reasons, but most notably the Coldwell factor. And I still find it amusing that Loony C is so full of schadenfreude that he is practically selling tickets to his ex-b.f.f.'s court appearances. These are from January 22...

In this part of the thread, Loony C appears to be celebrating the
fact that everybody in GIN lost money (see his last comment).
However, I think he probably meant to say that it was a good thing
that the previous commenter, Dana A, never had enough money to
join GIN because everyone who did join lost money.
But Loony doesn't understand basic punctuation so his comments
are often very difficult to understand. In addition, he often
gloats over the misfortunes (real or imagined) of those who disagree
with him, so it's not surprising that some people may have
misinterpreted this comment.

I have no delusions that the Feds are heroes in this whole thing, although I do think that certain individuals who have been fighting this battle all along -- since long before the self-serving "GIN destroyers" came into the picture -- are actually concerned for consumers who may have been screwed by Katie. But I also think that at the same time the court is trying to decide Katie's fate, it is, unwittingly or not, presiding over the building of a new, refined, legal scam. And I have the feeling that GIN will live on, in one form or another, and the big sick machine will just go on and on and on.

Meanwhile, the entertainment continues. Stay tuned...

Update, 30 January 2014
Things didn't go so well for Katie today in court. No new court docs on PACER as of now (6:00 PM CST) but I'm watching for them. Meanwhile, here's Jason Meisner at the Chicago Tribune with his account. Seems that despite those feel-good posts that Janine has been spitting out, Katie would rather be waterboarded than stay in the MCC another minute.

Here's the report from Phil Rogers at NBC5 in Chicago.
And here's James Hill at ABC.com. (Hill produced the Lookout episodes last year slamming Katie and GIN.)

One totally unsurprising bit is that the judge denied the GINtervenors' motion. According to the ABC piece...
In court today, the judge denied a motion to intervene in the case brought by two-dozen members of GIN who had accused the receiver of “draining and diverting” the organization’s resources to finance the receiver’s quest for Trudeau’s assets to pay off  his debts.
“It’s too late,” Gettleman said, before abruptly cutting off the group’s attorney.
So after all of the histrionics -- the dramatic references to sturm und drang, the pleas to "let the sunshine in," and so forth -- that scrappy little Shimko was defeated, and Perry and his pals are stuck with a big legal bill.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah hahahahaha, I live in the Chicago suburbs and watched on the news that KT begged to be waterboarded and let free than to stay behind bars. The judge said that KT lies so much that he really doubted KT was telling the truth that he wanted waterboarding, so the judge said he would have to remain behind bars. hahahhahahaha!!!

Friday, January 31, 2014 5:33:00 PM  
Blogger Roger Willco said...

Poetic Justice at its finest!

Katie's criminal contempt sentence is now out of his hands, However, Judge Gettleman precluding Katie's coercive confinement from applying to his criminal sentence is masterful.

The dilemma must be wrenching for Katie: Give up his ill-gotten gains and get out of the cage at the earliest possible time vs. hang on to all that dough and thereby sentence himself to who knows how long.

Hey Katie, here's an idea for your next scam: Ask the warden at your next long-term home to put a tracking video camera in your cell and direct a live feed to your "GetFu**edByKT" (or whatever you're calling it now) website. Then charge the enemies you've made to watch you by the minute. And Voila! . . . there's your fine, all taken care of . . . prolly in less than a week.

"I don't care who ya are . . . that right there's funny" (written in character for Larry the Cable Guy). . . . (back to my own character) . . . and very likely as much irony as you'll ever be able to muster.

Do take courage Katie. The illustrious GIN Council is in your corner . . . aren't they?

Stick to your guns Judge Gettleman!

Rubba Dinn

Sunday, February 02, 2014 3:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KT can't give up his riches. Because then that will prove he lied under oath. He is going to make the authorities look for his wealth and hope they never find it. Then he will claim he's been in prison for sooo long with no proof of any crime. So his incarceration will be far less with that strategy, and then he will get out with hidden money to disappear into the good life. Probably in Russia.

Thursday, February 06, 2014 11:54:00 AM  

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