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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Kevin Trudeau's GIN lost its soul

Updates and minor revisions appear below in Halloween orange. ~CC

It's no longer new news that serial scammer Kevin Trudeau is doing the old in-and-out-and-in-and-out routine -- in and out of jail, that is. As reported on
the update to this Whirled post the other day, and in mainstream news media pieces all over the Interwebs for the past several days, Katie was uncaged on Monday the 28th, the better to help the court-appointed receiver search for True-dough's hidden assets, in much the same way, I imagine, that O.J. Simpson helped the authorities search for his dead wife's real killer. Judge Robert Gettleman also said he felt that an uncaged Katie would be in a better position to prepare for his criminal trial, which starts this coming Monday, November 4.

There will be another hearing in the civil case (the one which involves the receiver and the latest incarceration interludes) on November 21. The criminal trial may or may not still be going on by then; it is expected to take two to three weeks. Judge Gettleman has warned Katie that if it comes out again that he has not cooperated with the receiver, he'll wind up right back in jail, no matter how the criminal case comes out.

I was originally planning to devote today's blog post to a recap of the latest court case doings, and I was going to give you some handy, accessible Scribd.com links to all of the documents. Oh, my goodness, I was going to be such a conscientious and balanced and responsible blogger, all in the service of being a useful source of information for those of you who are not on Facebook. But I think all of that is going to have to wait till tomorrow, because today I am so stunned by an amazing seekrit that was recently revealed that I can scarcely concentrate enough to even write this post.

What rocked my Whirled and shook me to my very core was a recent (yesterday-ish) conversation on Facebook. It has finally been revealed why Katie's greatest scam of all, the Global Information Network (GIN), is failing. The real reason is not that GIN was a scummy scam from the beginning and that it was a personal piggy bank for Katie. No, actually it was a noble club. But it lost its very essence when Katie's ex-b.f.f. and alt-health spokes-quack, Mocktor Loony Coldwell, left GIN.

But let me let you read for yourself. The second panel is where the gold is. As usual, click to enlarge.

So there you have it. Loony was the very soul of GIN, rather than just the diseased scrotum of Scamworld. Also, in this conversation it seems that he's taking a little of Abe's glory away, although he does still say that Abe "brought the conman (Kevin) down" all by his lonesome. Apparently the FTC, SEC, et al. didn't know anything about Kevin's wrongdoings till Abe said something.

Notice too that True-dough's ex marketing guy, Peter Wink, pipes in with yet another promo for the IMBS-ing U Master Baiter's Society. The scavengers are circling, circling, circling... But Peter is perhaps the most persistent, desperately pimping for Loony's cheap GIN ripoff.

For those who are interested, here is a direct link to the GIN member-and-downline conference call referenced in the conversation. As my friend Mike said, put on your boots for this one. These folks seem to be in denial, even at the same time they are grudgingly acknowledging that GIN is in serious trouble (interestingly, though, they don't seem to support GIN member Perry Kiraly's new Stand With GIN campaign, mentioned on this post). On his contention that the remaining GIN members are in denial, I agree with Abe. But only on that point. Obviously I do not agree that he and Loony are bastions of "truth" about GIN or Trudeau. And the whole IMBS-ing U scam is definitely a case of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, as the aforementioned Mike also noted.

Here's my pal Bernie with
his own commentary about Loony's latest grand delusion.

I promise I'll be back within the next couple of days with some more actual updates and useful information... or maybe even a blog post about something else besides Kevin Trudeau and his Loony legacy. It's about time I get back to those Access lunatics, for instance. So many scams, so little time...

For now, and in celebration of Halloween -- which fits right in with Loony Coldwell's whole "GIN is like a body without a soul" meme -- here's a playlist of songs with a zombie theme. I've shared 'em before on Facebook but here they are again. Enjoy!
The lyrics to “Zombie Jamboree” can easily be adapted to describe a GIN or alt-GIN cruise party…
It was a Zombie Jamboree
Took place in a ship on the deep blue sea...
…They were dancing back to back and belly to belly
Said, I don’t give a damn ’cause I’m brainwashed already…
On the other hand, the back-to-back butt-bump dancing thing sounds more like a Loony Coldwell Chumpions event than a GIN party.

Anyway, Happy Halloween to all of you. Have fun, be safe, and watch out for
pimps-n-hos. Particularly the scary kind.

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Blogger Tom Banjo said...

Little do either of them know, Peter Wink is actually the puppet master who pulls the strings for both of them. If you remember conversations with Wink about Abe when the first news story came out, "I work in mysterious ways"

It is hard to tell which scammer is really in charge when all 3 seem to be imbeciles.

Thursday, October 31, 2013 10:56:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Ah, yes, Mr. Banjo, I remember those conversations very well. Peter was the one who told me that he works in mysterious ways. That first local (Kansas City MO) news story with Ryan Kath was just the beginning, Peter assured me. He had much greater plans, he said...

Well, I was not then and am not now impressed with Peter's role, but I do give all due credit to Ryan, who knew a good story when he saw one.

Thursday, October 31, 2013 12:39:00 PM  
Blogger Rogelio Figueroa said...

I never participate in blogs, but have chosen to here because I would like to thank you, and commend you for your excellent coverage of this ongoing saga. I have been visiting your blog daily (I avoid facebook like the plague) as I find you to be a vastly more timely, reliable, thorough, insightful, and entertaining source of pertinent information on this subject than any of the mainstream "journalists" or any other available sources.

Anyone who would waste 2 minutes of valuable life to ingest the rants from the likes of Loony C., Honest Abe Insane, or Peter Stink is hopelessly lost, bored, or delusional. (I do not support name calling, but in this instance, I'll make an exception :)) I find it both hilarious and telling that Abe joined GIN hoping to meet world leaders and titans of industry, and expected he'd find therein the likes of Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Silly boy... this is real life!)

Please accept my small donation as nothing more than a symbol of my sincere gratitude to you for your valuable service :)

And wouldn't you know it... I am a proud member of the GIN community. Here, I do not speak for the community as a whole, but only for myself. The information that Kevin has given me access to has proven to be valuable to myself, my wife, and my 7 children beyond measure. Actually, it is fully measurable by our results bodily, mentally, emotionally and financially. By the way, as to the financial aspect, I have not built any downline in GIN and do not receive a penny in profits directly from GIN or any of its members or leadership.

I realize that my results are not typical. You will not get the type of results I enjoy simply by joining GIN, listening to the audios, and/or by attending events. The available knowledge must be actually assimilated by you, integrated into your physical, mental, and emotional matrix, and then put to positive and purposeful use in your life. Then and only then does one begin to "get it" and then see measurable results.

As I and my family enjoy these results daily, I willingly and happily pay, with sincere gratitude, for ongoing access to this valuable knowledge bank. My experience is that the value is far greater than the investment. Clearly, Kevin is not infallible, as evidenced by the fact that he initially chose to ally himself with the likes of Loony C. and Peter Stink, as well as others who may not be entirely pure of heart. But by far, the greatest value that I have received has come from Kevin directly. (No, I am not on his payroll :) I hope to continue receiving that value. In fact, I will find it most distressing if this knowledge bank called GIN is destroyed.

To all those who feel they have been scammed by GIN or any of Kevin's other offerings, it is most unfortunate that you did not receive the value that you expected. Remember, you are not innocent children, but adults fully capable of using discernment to make your own choices and decisions. Or are you? In any case, I sincerely hope that you are able to find what you are looking for elsewhere.

And to you, Connie, I once again extend this token of gratitude to you for taking all the time, as you do, to provide this generous, valuable, and entertaining service.

Thank you!
Rogelio Figueroa

Thursday, October 31, 2013 2:02:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Rogelio, and for your donation. Obviously we do not agree about Trudeau or even about the value of the information he offers, but it would be arrogant of me to deny that many people believe they have received value from him and from GIN.

Thursday, October 31, 2013 2:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe the judge has given Kevin Trudeau yet another chance after years of being dishonest, and the proven scammer he is. I was really shocked the judge did this. I hope one day, soon, Kevin Trudeau finally gets the sentence he deserves, hopefully at least 20 years in prison, and fined so much it will break him of every penny he's hiding. Somebody who would take advantage of the most gullible people the way he has for years, and then to laugh about it and make jokes about it, deserves some serious prison time. And, then lets see how long his Russian wife waits on him, I give her maybe a week.

Thursday, November 07, 2013 4:00:00 PM  
Blogger lauren rose said...

Hi- Ouv you magikal spelling!
Q- i know this is crazy to ask, but as a modest calculation, how much $$$$ dough has the average GIN memeber lost?

Thursday, December 19, 2013 8:15:00 PM  

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