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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ra data

"We are stardust, we are golden." It’s been nearly forty years (!) since Joni Mitchell first warbled those words in her famous song, which was also famously recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. This was the song that celebrated the mass pilgrimage of flower children to the original Woodstock festival, and, as far too many people have already noted, it was also the anthem that helped to define a generation.*

On a more scientific note, we have the well-known quotation attributed to the late astronomer Carl Sagan: "We are made of star stuff."

But Joni, CSN&Y and Dr. Sagan have nothing on the StarDoves, who know a few things about our connections with the stars. The StarDoves are a demented delightful-looking couple who go by the names of Moi-RA 'Lady of the Sun' Dove and RA-Ja 'Merk' Dove. Pictured here with the Grand Prior of Scottish Knight Templars at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, the StarDoves are, according to their bio page, "Ambassadors deployed to the Earth by the Interplanetary Council of 12."

Judging from the way the StarDoves spell their names – Moi-RA and RA-Ja – they seem to be obsessed not only with interplanetary folks but with Ra and ancient Egypt. (Regarding these spelling quirks, I can’t help thinking of Sara Jessica Parker’s character in LA Story, and her insistence that her name be spelled SanDeE* (in this case the asterisk is part of her name, not a footnote flag)). Further evidence of the StarDoves’ Egyptophilia, at least RA-Ja’s, can be found in this video clip.

I first learned of the StarDoves when they began flooding my in box with very interesting emails, thus becoming my unwitting allies. They are, you might say, the main Muses for Whirled Musings, by virtue of including me in the database of their highly successful new-age spam email advertising service. Many remarkable people pay them to deliver sales pitches directly to my email box. And the messages come from all across the metaphysical/spiritual/self-help spectrum, promoting the certified and the certifiable, the fringe nutcakes and hustledorks and many from the mainstream as well.

What makes the StarDoves so special is that they are two of a select number of StarSeeds who are "here on Earth with the necessary skills to help assist and catalyze a global shift in consciousness, eventually bringing on the latest Aquarian Golden Age of Love and Light with Freedom and Plenty for ALL."

"By the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong," sang Joni (and CSN&Y). The StarSeeds, on the other hand, are only 144,000 strong at present (and in case you haven’t noticed, 144k seems to be a popular number). But that apparently is a sufficient number to transform the planet, for, as the Doves’ web site explains:

StarSeeds occupy human form to accomplish Missions of Light on Earth…They are specially selected and evolved souls from other planets, star systems, or dimensional frequencies, whose specific mission is to act as a bridge between the Ascended Masters, the Inter-Galactic Confederation of Planets, Angelic Hierarchies and Earthlings, most especially those starseeds living in human bodies who have lost their connection to their own StarSeeded I AM Selves and their divine missions.

Because these Missions of Light are the most difficult of all to perform on fallen backward worlds such as Earth, StarSeeds are hand-picked by the Councils of Light within the Interplanetary Confederation. StarSeeds incarnate into the same conditions of helplessness and total amnesia concerning their identity, origins and purpose and appear just as native earthlings so that they may acclimatize to and empathize with earth conditions and her peoples. Memory and star powers are restored to varying degrees, in different StarSeeds, according to the Mission on Earth they have come to perform. Their connections to their I AM Higher StarSelves are greatly strengthened when the time is right, permitting them to be largely guided by their inner knowing.

I am pretty sure that the StarDoves, Dr. and Lady RA, are the real thing, because they have been written about by well-respected journalists and authors. For example, "Their work as Global Star Shepherds is brilliantly portrayed in Mega-Author Brad Steiger's impressive books: The Fellowship: Spiritual Contact Between Humans and Outer Space Beings, and Love Is A Miracle." Regarding the latter title, a reader on Amazon.com noted: "I loved the idea of the book, and also loved that there were photos (to add credibility), however some of the people seemed so far out (Ra Ja Dove), that I really had to wonder if they were ‘all there’ to begin with, and therefore if aspects of their love stories were genuine or imagined."**

Well, I can’t speak of the other folks Brad wrote about in this book, but I can venture an opinion about the Doves. Of course they weren’t "all there." Only parts of them were and are there, or here, or anywhere at any given time. When you’re a StarSeed/Star Person, you are pretty much everywhere and everywhen at once. You gotta be.

Speaking of being everywhere, don’t think for a moment that the Doves are just holed up in their home office cooking up spam. They are "currently anchoring the work of the Interplanetary Confederation and the Ascended Masters in their Mobile Star Pod traveling the highways and byways of the United States of America." The Mobile Star Pod is a "Winnebago, Elandan Royal Coach Mobile Star Pod, equipped with Internet, Fax, Cellphone and Hotline to the Interplanetary Council of 12."

But the Doves’ main source of bread and butter does seem to be their email ad service, "Marketing With The Stars," billed as "the World’s Largest Aquarian Age’s eList." "Our database," says the website, "especially includes individual Star Seeds, Light Workers, Walk-In's, Shape-Shifters and Time Travelers living in human form, Plus the Holistic Health Organizations, Metaphysical Businesses, Suppliers, Distributors, Promoters and Philanthropists that support them!"

And moi, of course. I never asked to be on their email list, but undoubtedly was chosen because of the cosmic nature of my email address. Or perhaps I am one of those 144,000 special StarSeed people. So you'd better be nice to me. Don't piss me off. And just to stay on the good side of the Interplanetary Council, send me money, or at least an Amazon gift certificate.

By the way, don’t despair if you fear you are not among the 144,000 StarSeeds. Apparently there is no cap on the membership rolls in the StarSeed Club. Anyone can become a StarSeed, as the Doves explain in their own inimitable fashion:

As we drive the highways of the Earth in our StarPod mobile (a 33 foot Winnebago) and rub shoulders (merge auras) with humankind daily during our 2006 Goddess Bless America etLIGHT Pilgrimage all up and down the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, and even all East of the Mississippi, especially in big cities; each individual we pass by is a Star Seed potentate. StarSeeds can emanate a radiation of Light that blesses with happiness, joy, gratitude, comfort and peace - so that they have expanded the Light of the entire planet. These homely blessings, the practice of Love in Action and Love of Life, Light and Liberty transforms humankind and an evolution from selfish animal fallen consciousness into Divine Beings of Light. In fact, the InterPlanetary Teachings relate that all of humanity were once Divine kings and queens of Light and will once more become!

In 1999, the Doves were appointed Peace Ambassadors of the State of New Mexico. And that, apparently, was just the beginning of a whole new peace movement: "Perhaps with inspiration from the New Mexico State Department of Peace, 3 years later, beginning on July 11, 2001, the U.S. Federal Government itself has initiated an official Department of Peace headed by U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland, Ohio."

Like many of the Woodstock pilgrims in the 60s, the StarDoves seem nothing if not intent on helping usher in a new age of peace and love. They envision a future where "Telepathy will bring an end to violence, greed and depression. We will be a society that is ready to reach for the stars, committed to constant self-improvement and artistic expression with a greatly expanded definition of home and of all other levels of reality."

So…maybe Doctor and Lady RA really are Star People. Or maybe they just got hold of some of the brown acid way back when. All I know is that I owe them a debt of gratitude because without their kind assistance, I might actually have to work at finding material for this blog.

*On the other hand, "Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve Got Love In My Tummy" helped define the same generation, so let’s not get too smug and lofty about all this.

**And speaking of Brad Steiger, he is arguably the author who really got the Star People ball rolling, although in recent years he seems to have disassociated himself from the concept a bit. But you can read about his criteria for Star Persondom here.

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