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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SciWINtology: Flopportunity knocks!

I really apologize for not tending to my blogging duties, Dear Ones. Some things have happened over the past week or so that really took the wind out of my sails. And no, it has nothing to do with alt-health/cancer quackadoodle Mocktor Loony Coldwell's profoundly stoopid lawsuit threats against me. Those were and are comic relief. No, what happened is something deeper and sadder and more personal, something that was unfolding while I was preoccupied with taking potshots at two-bit scammers. Sometimes, real life is what happens while you're blogging. Yet blog I must, and I will be blogging about this too... soon-ish, I think. I have blogged about personal things here before, so there's a precedent. I just need some time.

But for now, the Whirled must go on as it was originally created.

And there's a lot that's been happening regarding some of this blog's favorite snargets, most notably, currently jailed serial scammer Kevin Trudeau (former b.f.f. of the aforementioned Loony C), whose criminal sentencing is due to take place this coming Monday, March 17, 2014, at 2:00 PM in Judge Ronald Guzman's court. Katie wants you to be there; he wants a packed courtroom. His proxy put out a call for it on his Facebook page the other day:

I plan to be there in the front row.** See you there!

The other news is that former high level GIN member Perry Kiraly of Ohio,
last visited on this blog post, is going ahead in earnest with his GINoff/flopportunity, WIN (World Information Network). Last week he sent this update:
From: Perry Kiraly
Sent: 3/2/2014 11:51:59 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: SWGF/WIN Update 03-01-14

March 1, 2014
Dear SWGF Supporters,
The following is the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision regarding our motion for injunction to prevent the Receiver’s interference with and confiscation of GIN FDN’s Member dues and fees:
Northern District of Illinois - CM/ECF LIVE, Ver 6,1
Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered on 2/27/2014 at 11:14 AM CST and filed on 2/25/2014

Case Name: FTC v. Trudeau, et al
Case Number: 1:03-cv-03904
Document Number: 827


COPY of order dated 2/25/14 from the 7th Circuit regarding notice of appeal [820]; Appellate case no. : 14-1344 IT IS ORDERED that the motion for Injunction Pending Appeal is DENIED. The appellants have not offered an adequate reason why the assets of the Global Information Network should not be sold. Any dispute about how much money the members of that organization are entitled to is not something that requires an injunction.
SWGF’s motion for injunction was filed on 02-19-14; it was denied on the 02-25-14, that denial was posted electronically on 02-27-14.

So what does this mean? It means that the Receiver will remain in complete control of GIN FDN and likely make off with the six-million+ dollars of GIN FDN Member’s dues and fees currently on account and any and all dues & fees members are still paying in to the GIN/Receiver Company from this point on. This money will be used by the Receiver to pay themselves and Mr. Trudeau’s fine. Be aware also that any purchase of GIN or its assets is likely to include continued Receiver influence to one degree or another…even if they call it periodic conferencing with their endorsed and secretly appointed management.

So, is there still a play here? Yes, in my opinion it is the same as the one many Member’s decided to do shortly after the Receiver was given control of GIN FDN. Stop paying dues that go straight to the Receiver’s accounts - not member benefits. And keep
in mind that the Level’s 1 thru 6 materials all belong to the members that paid for those levels; and that these members or former members can all share all of this material with those they choose. So why would anyone pay the Receiver any more money to buy them?

Lastly, what does this mean for those that contributed to the SWGF? It means that you can hold you head up high, for every one that contributed to this fund has identified themselves as one who was willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in. It means you were willing to go the 12-Rounds with one of the toughest opponents one can face. It means that you are among the very few that were willing to take 100% responsibility for our club and prevail!

Prevail? How so when the motion was denied? We prevailed in many ways; three of which come to mind immediately. One, just standing up to fight is a win in itself; for no matter what the outcome of a fight if you stood up you feel good about it in the end.

Two, it allowed each and every Member to see exactly what he or she is made of. It enabled you to observe first hand your own response (or reaction) to intense circumstances which put your resolve to the test – did you run from the predator that blocked your path; did you succumb to it and let it have its way; did you try to avoid it or pretend it wasn’t there; or did you roll up your sleeves and attack!? This will be valuable intel to those that wish to strengthen their character…

And three, in our efforts to prevail over the circumstances and put our club (the true Members) in a defensible position
WIN was formed which put us in control of the future of our club.

WIN’s progress & plans to date:

  1. WIN or World Information NetworkFoundation LTD is now a legally established limited liability corporation in the state of Ohio.
  2. The trademark WIN is now registered in the state of Ohio and the property of World Information NetworkFoundation LTD.
  3. Member and commission compensation agreements are currently being reviewed and edited by our MLM attorney. The commission compensation plan is being structured so every member, if they choose to participate, can earn commissions with very minimal effort and eligibility requirements.
  4. A fund raising investment opportunity to be made available to accredited investors is written and also under edit and review by our attorney to insure 100% compliance to applicable law to get WIN up and running as fast as possible and make available a way for interested Members to be a part of building the club and their wealth as the club grows.
  5. Our website and the computational programing to organize and calculate sponsored members and applicable commission is under construction.
  6. Our management structure is in place to get our club up and running with the positions confirmed of Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, 3-Board of Directors (2 Confirmed to date), and 11 Regional Directors (9 Confirmed to date) in East & Western USA, East & Western Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Northern Europe (Scandinavia), Western Europe, and Hawaii. As other areas grow in WIN Members so too will Region Director Positions.
  7. A survey is completed and being distributed to our 2 current Board of Directors and subsequently to all Regional Directors to determine what benefits and value members of our club want enabling all Members to participate in WIN’s direction.
  8. Written and audio content of training levels 1 thru 12 (possibly more) is planned to begin as soon as our site and sponsorship program is launched.
  9. A planned window of approximately 2 to 4 weeks will be made available (as soon as our computational programing is in place) for former GIN members to join and have their former level of training recognized in WIN without additions fees for those achieved levels. However all training levels 1 thru 12+ in WIN will be enhanced for greater impact and ability derivation from participants and these specific requirement must be met by Members to receive that official level pin in WIN.
  10. Last but not least I have WIN’s Deputy Executive Director working on a Family Reunion Event for late October/early Nov this year. Now this is our short term dream at this stage but with the help of the best of the best of you I think we have a good shot at it – and I think the Wynn Resort Hotel in Las Vegas http://www.wynnlasvegas.com/# would be the perfect spot for WIN’s major 1st event launch!
So I close this update with that exciting dream. Plant that seed in the garden of your mind and water it daily. The funding, timing and people coming together is all that is necessary to get our club WIN on a roll and make our family reunion event at the Wynn Resort a reality...

Go to the current WIN site at http://winfdn.com/scroll down to the Donate button and contribute what you can, or even better begin your $150 per month reoccurring equivalent dues payment now – to help build the club - and have your $1000 initiation fee waved once we launch the new site.

We have everything we need by virtue of what we truly are, and we can make this dream come to Be. Doing and having are the next steps. Let’s create it together.

Thank you,
Perry Kiraly *

*As a post script to this update, let me make it clear that I am a citizen of the United States of America and have exercised my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion herein. I am not a lawyer and nothing in this update/opinion should be construed as legal advice. The information herein is my personal opinion and provided solely for educational purposes. The opinion expressed in this update is not meant to suggest or encourage any course of action without consulting with an attorney or one licensed to practice law. Everyone must evaluate and make up their own mind on any course of action they take.
It's no big surprise that they lost the appeal; that seemed to be a foregone conclusion. But Perry should be accustomed to losing appeals, because it seems to have happened to him before with some of his criminal cases. And he has a decades-long history there, spanning more than 30 years (the latest one indicates "Case Closed," yet the case summary lists a continuance date of 28 March, 2013, so I don't know what's going on there).

Anyway. Undaunted by losing the appeal, Perry soldiered on, and on March 10 he sent this update, dated March 9:

From: [Perry Kiraly]
Sent: 3/10/2014 12:21:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: WIN Update 03-09-14

WIN Update: Perry Kiraly

March 9, 2014

Dear WIN Members and Supporters,
The opportunity is now available to be a part of building WIN and your wealth as our club grows.

This opportunity will be available for the next seven days ending on March 16, 2014.

200 “Units” total are being made available for purchase at $2,000.00 per unit through a Private Placement Memorandum. Each “unit” will pay the purchaser of that unit or units a share of 3% of the gross sales of the World Information Network Foundation LTD (WIN) for the next five-years. This five-year period will be extended, if necessary, until a minimum total of 500% is paid back on each unit purchased. During the initial five year period this percentage could well exceed 500% depending on the growth of the club.

Please contact me by March 16, 2014 at
[phone number redacted], or email me at [email redacted] with your contact information for further details or questions and the legal documentation to purchase units. WIN’s attorney is also available for consultation regarding this offer.

Now is your chance to be a Founding Member in WIN. Take advantage of this opportunity and contact me now as 200 units is the limit of this offering.

Thank you,
Perry Kiraly

Seriously, Perry?!? That must be that "fund raising investment opportunity to be made available to accredited investors" -- item number 4 in last week's update.

Well, I guess it costs money to feed those hungry

The rest of y'all can do the math to calculate just how floppy is the flopportunity that Perry and
his Scientology bud Yon Cole are offering. Honestly, it seems like a potentially limitless flop. The only limit to how much money you can lose is how much money you can give! At least that's how it looks to me. To tell the truth I have never been a numbers person. Numbers make my head hurt.

But I think I have gotten pretty good at recognizing scams and scammers.
** I'll be in the courtroom in spirit. You don't honestly think I would travel to Chicago in the dead of winter, do you?

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