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Thursday, October 17, 2013

You can't go home again, but you can get your parents to risk THEIR home so you can go to DC

So the big news, for those of us who are following the court cases of serial scammer Kevin Trudeau, is that yesterday Judge Robert Gettleman ordered him to the slammer until he can satisfy certain legal conditions. But in a twist that has the mainstream journos buzzing and certain anti-Trudeau activists' panties in a wad, the judge decreed that before those jail doors slam, Katie can go to Washington D.C. for his legal defense fundraising dinner on October 21.

Some have been speculating that he is a flight risk and that he will end up getting away, somehow. At this point I'm tending to think not, particularly in light of the fact that once again he has put his parents' home at risk so he can travel. Yes, according to various news sources,
including this piece from the Chicago Tribune, Mr. and Mrs. Trudeau secured his $200,000 bond with their Massachusetts home, which according to Kevin's older brother Bob they built by hand, and according to real estate records have lived in since 1953.

So that's sixty years of family legacy down the tubes if Kevin flees and doesn't come back.

As you may recall from the buzz this past summer,
including the buzz right here, Mary and Robert Trudeau secured a bond for their youngest boy so he could go to Canada in July.

And he came back.

So let's hope, for the sake of two apparently very nice and long-suffering parents, that he comes back this time.

Still and all, it really doesn't seem like something that a successful billionaire would do -- allowing his elderly parents to risk their home just so he can go to DC to raise money for his legal defense fund. But at the very least, it bolsters the ruse that he is penniless. And I guess that's good enough for the remaining fans of Katie, many of whom seem to think he can do no wrong, no matter what he does.

Here's to your success!

This is from July 2013.
Sorry for the rerun, but I liked it too much not to use it again.

PS added later on, 17 October 2013 ~
I just went to PACER and saw that Judge Gettleman issued an amended order to supersede yesterday's order. This one, dated today (Oct. 17) adds one item that would appear to put some more restrictions on Katie's DC activities (and here's a direct link to the entire document):

6. As stated in open court on October 16, 2013, Trudeau is prohibited from communicating with any of the Trudeau Entities (as defined in previous orders) or persons affiliated with them (other than Trudeau’s wife), or any financial institutions with which Trudeau has done business or had a relationship, without the express consent of or direction by the Receiver.

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