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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Snippets for a dog day afternoon

Just a few little Saturday snippets, Dear Ones.

Here we blow again...
Much to the relief of those of us who were blessed by
Ike last year, the 2009 hurricane season has been relatively quiet until very recently. And then along came Bill, who paid a visit to Bermuda (though too late for that recent hustledork pow-wow), and then set his sights on the East Coast of the US. Fortunately, once again we have a cadre of wind whisperers on the job, most notably, Phoenix, aka "The Spirit Diva," who has been so helpful in past storms. Phoenix and gang have been working nonstop to help keep Bill on a loving path, and she sent this progress report out to her email list:

...As I write you, Bill has continued to take the path of the highest and best good for all. He has dropped his intensity to Cat 2 from Cat 4 passing between Bermuda and east U.S. Tropical storms (as in lots of rain and wind) expected on Cape Cod area in New England with more intense weather through Nova Scotia and St. John providences in Canada tomorrow and Monday. All storms, all things, are transformed with our thoughts and feelings. Although no longer a threat to America's shore it's important to continue to see and feel Bill through the eyes and ears of love whenever you hear or see him mentioned in the news. Please continue to see him that way. See him spinning CLOCKWISE in COOL waters DISSOLVING back to the nothingness from where he came NOW under GRACE

And here is the actual channeled message from good ol' Bill:


I've enjoyed my ride.
Peoples' responses to me are most interesting.
Your media in particular amuses us. They seem to thrive on feeding fear to the masses. And, in doing so, everyone wins accept the masses.

They receive viewers.
Merchants increase their sale of hurricane supplies.
The masses - humanity - raises their blood pressure with worry, anticipation and all that running around.

Yes, it is true, I am real and my force is most powerful.
Yet, the way to treat me, as with any storm in your life from the unruly child to an upset client, customer or partner is always through love.

Love transforms all things.
At our core essence all beings - real and imagined - are love.

Connect with the soul of what is and it is so.
It takes no hard work - mental or physical.
Love is a vibration that emanates from within and radiates out like the rays of the sun.
We are the same.
We are of the same divine substance, this love essence.
Be at peace. All is well.
Raise your awareness of outside forces.
Transform them with the creative power of love

Dang, those hurricanes sure are evolved. I've noticed, however, that they have a tendency to be a tad condescending, in that peculiarly SNAG-ish way.

Anyone can become a life coach. And we do mean ANYONE.
paid tribute to the noble profession of life coaching here before. Well, now I have gained even more respect for life coachery, now that I've learned that ex-New York Times journo Jayson Blair is a certified life coach for one of the most respected mental health practices in northern Virginia. Jayson, you may recall, resigned from the Times a few years back in the wake of scandalous allegations of plagiarism and fabrication.

Michael Oberschneider, the psychologist who hired Jayson and urged him to become a life coach, praised the latter's "electric" personality and said that Jayson is now using his talents for good. "He can relate to patients just beautifully," says Dr. Oberschneider. Jayson says the troubles resulting from being a liar have allowed him to be "a little more authentic" with clients.

Hmm. Plagiarism. Fabrication. Self-reinvention. What better entree could there be to the lucrative New-Wage industry?

Swine flu in the Land Down Under
It seems that the latest incarnation of the swine flu, more specifically the H1N1 virus, is becoming a problem in Australia,
despite strong implications from renowned epidemiologist David Schirmer a few months ago that the plague is chiefly a creation of the mainstream media and our own fears. (David recently was hospitalized with pneumonia himelf, but acknowledged that it could have been his own weakness and fears that made him temporarily susceptible to Satan, who is the cause of all sickness.) Of the porcine plague, you may recall, he had this to say back in April:

SWINE FLU! HOW STUPID! Dis-ease is always created in the mind. Amazing how drug companies purpetuate [sic] such fear. from web

@missjordanoslie drug co.'s + media. Disease is ALWAYS creatd [sic] in the mind frm fear. Fear causes the mind 2 be not-at-ease (dis-ease) from TweetDeck in reply to missjordanoslie

@m1ch43lf Yes Micheal, reporters & media is responsible for so much damage in society. Fear creates reality. from TweetDeck in reply to m1ch43lf

@missjordanoslie We will never know y those 159 people died. Many ppl take what the media delivers & believe it as truth without question! from TweetDeck in reply to missjordanoslie

@missjordanoslie A great book to read is the Bird Flu Hoax, will give you a different perception about the dreaded swine flu from TweetDeck in reply to missjordanoslie

At the time David was going on about this, the swine flu really wasn't a problem in Australia. But that was then, and this is now. Aussies are getting worried about it. And last Sunday I came across a rather alarming article (originally appearing in the New York Times), that said Australia's Aborigines face an elevated swine flu risk. The disease is taking a disproportionately heavy toll on indigenous folk Down Under – which only suggests that The Wanker of Oz was correct in his original assessment. After all, those Aborigines are utterly notorious for their susceptibility to alarmist reporters, and their addiction to the mainstream media. I imagine they're constantly on the Internet as well, spreading rumors and lies that are just making the flu problem seem that much worse.

Or maybe they're getting sick simply because they haven't yet accepted Jesus H. Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Apropos of some of the above (well, sort of), let me leave you with an old song that has always made me smile. This song, by one of Oz's (okay, and Britain's) national treasures, Rolf Harris, was a hit decades before "World Music" became a genre.

That's it for now; I'm off to laze away the rest of this thunderously hot August afternoon watching old movies with the love of my life. See you next time!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are like a hurricane, Cosmic Connie, like a whirlwind of wonder, a tornado of terrificness, a cyclone of superlatives.
We are like tarpaulins flapping in your mighty gusts, dry creeks filled to overflowing with the downpour of your beneficance. You lift the roofs of our minds into your wild, stormy heavens, break the levees of our souls, ground the airplanes of our woes.

Monday, August 24, 2009 1:09:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Well said, Anon. I suppose it could have something to do with my being an air sign (Aquarius). Also, one of my many pseudonyms is "Augusta Wend." At a New-Wage event Ron and I attended many years ago, I wore a name tag with that moniker, and Ron's name tag said, "Blown Away." There's no denying I'm full of hot air at times. :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009 1:48:00 PM  

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