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Monday, November 20, 2006

I came, I saw, I channeled

I recently received an email from Akashic reader and author Carolyn Evers, who is the reincarnation of Julius Caesar’s daughter Julia. Carolyn/Julia says her famous dad has some very important messages for all of us, and she’s written all about it in her book, Conversations With Caesar. In this book, Caesar "describes his world since his assassination, the energies coming to earth which he says are conected (sic) to sunspot activity and activated from the cosmos. These energies link through the sun affecting the core of the earth, our DNA, and changes our brain structure."

Caesar isn’t the only famous dead person or elevated entity who regularly chats with Carolyn. She writes:

Currently I am working with the Mary/Michael lines of England and the telluric Earth energy of France as they are aligned to sacred sites and Gothic Churches. I remember several lifetimes being a Templar Knight holding a high level of responsibility, and working with some of the secrets that the brotherhood was involved with. The science concerning Earth energy was used in the Gothic Cathedrals, encoded in their buildings, used for spiritual advancement, and this information has lain dormant for a long time.

And she also talks to Jesus and the late Pope John Paul II, who have some vitally important information and advice about many aspects of contemporary life and the future of the planet Earth. For example, they have this to say about financial matters:

Jesus, Julius Caesar and Pope John Paul II have been suggesting that we live within our means and put some resources aside as there will be financial struggles in the near future. We are using their messages and pointing to the weaknesses in the economy to help us prepare.

Pretty weighty stuff, huh?

And then there’s the matter of Earth Changes:

I have received much information from many heavenly sources regarding Earth changes. We have already shared messages about HAARP [the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program] and the crisis at Yellowstone National Park. Mother Mary has told us that this next year will be a challenging one and has tried to get our attention by displaying tears of human blood coming from the eyes of her statues.

Carolyn also has her eye, so to speak, on hurricanes, and she and her heavenly sources are keeping a close watch on volcanoes as well.

I recently gave information regarding what is occurring in the Atlantic Ocean and how scientists forecast hurricanes. Their studies indicate that there will be much activity in this year. Recently the New England area suffered from flooding from a rain system that continued to circle over the land bringing water from the Atlantic Ocean. From space this system appeared as a weather pattern similar to a hurricane system. We will continue to try and keep abreast of these changes as we see more volcanic activity in the Ring of Fire.

I understand that Johnny Cash is helping out on the volcano project.

Carolyn has also been speaking with a band of angels about matters such as Earth-destroying comets, solar flares, and the Moon. There’s a whole page on her site devoted to the Moon, and guess what? The Moon really is made of green cheese – actually it’s sort of a sick chartreuse shade – and the Man In The Moon is actually a wombat. No, not really, but the angels did tell Carolyn that the Moon, like the Earth, is hollow, and, not surprisingly, its interior is home to many advanced races.

The purpose of the Moon, in case you were wondering, is to act as a counter-balance to keep the Earth from crashing into the Sun. It seems there was another Moon before the present one, but it was destroyed by some destructive non-human race. An Intergalactic Conference was held and it was decided that the Moon destroyers would redeem themselves by making a new Moon for us.

However, when Carolyn asked the angels who was responsible for all of this destruction and creation, they answered:

We feel it would be best not to answer this question. The race that was involved in this destruction paid the price so to say and has cleared their name and we feel it would be better not to reveal this. It is not our way to withhold such history as we feel that it is or should be available to discover, but this would put the onus on a race that has evolved to become a group of honorable intentions. They had interfered with your planet in the past and in the process, your spiritual development. We feel this would be a disservice to reveal this. Such thoughts are a stumbling block to the peace of your journey. Not that we speak of your personal journey, but such information would be placed in the etheric again and it was cleared out once. We must use our informational responses in a balanced manner. What you do not understand is that spoken words and even thoughts become a part of the grid system in its final disposition.

You just can’t get this kind of information anywhere else.*

Carolyn offers a wide range of Life Readings and related services, and she is aided in many of these by her deceased son, with whom she’s been communicating for many years. Here’s what some folks have said about her readings:

"Highly resonant and nurturing to my soul..."

"The sacred sweetness and loving guidance within this reading touched me deeply..."

"I am so relieved, so appreciative, and especially validated by what you wrote..."

"This was just exactly what I had hoped to receive..."

Way to go, Carolyn! The mark of any good successful spiritual entrepreneur is a knack for telling people just exactly what they want to hear.

How does Carolyn do her readings? She explains, "A part of my mind must pass through all the dimensions and go to the center of the cosmos. I request your record from a band of Cherubim Angels who care for these records and pass them to Source when requested… I read from the Universal Records which is the final result of your records as they have moved through all the different dimensions to the center of the cosmos. Information might be added, but never changed."

You can get an expanded report, consisting of up to five to six typed pages, for only $225 US. For this you get three to four important life questions answered in depth. Or you can get a mini report – two pages covering one question – for $120 US. Orders are placed through Paypal, and once your order is processed Carolyn gets to work with those angels, and within a few days she sends you your report via email.

Carolyn also offers classes, such as her ten-month "Journey To The Other Side" course. For only $142.00, you get to hear messages from all sorts of famous dead folks:

This is a TEN month course whereby people from the other side come back to discuss Ascension, Earth Changes and everything new on the horizon of Earth events. These are people you remember and love, names such as Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, and Mother Theresa join the group. People from history such as Julius Caesar, Augustus and King Arthur place their perspective to the mix. In future courses, Mary Magdalene and Archangel Michael have agreed to also come bringing along with them other members of the spiritual hierarchy.

You will receive a voice file once each month sent directly to your computer. You will be able to pick up from my voice their personality and inflection, and also healing is coded within the words. If you sign up for this new and innovate program, you will receive the following bonus:
10% discount for our first spiritual journey sponsored by Archangel Michael Value $170
Free autographed copy of Conversations With Caesar (hardback cover) Value $ 25
Free Total Value $195.

Heck of a deal!

The spiritual journey referred to above is a sea cruise that Archangel Michael has asked Carolyn to set up. Michael will be on that cruise, sort of; as Carolyn puts it, "He will overlight." I don’t think excessive lighting is necessarily a good idea, especially on a cruise, but who am I to question Archangel Michael? Anyhow, the cruise is to take place in March 2007; all the details can be found at www.BBSRadio.com, where Carolyn and some of her cohorts have several weekly shows. And even though Captain Steubing is not expected to be on the cruise ship, this will be far better than a cruise on the Love Boat, because Michael plans to do some teaching, along with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and her angels.

Besides the detailed descriptions of Carolyn’s books and her work, her web site also includes a link to her discussion forums. Being somewhat of a discussion forum junkie, I decided to pay a visit. On first glance it appeared there was a lot of activity. I was impressed, thinking that maybe there was some lively discussion about the concepts in Carolyn’s books. So I clicked on to the Chaos Before Creation Forum, and immediately saw that it was an unmoderated spam magnet. While one or two of the posts did actually seem to be related to the topic, the vast majority offered scintillating information on "Cheap car insurance," "Tramadol sales," "Mature blow jobs," etc.

Kinda makes me wonder if there’s an Unintended Consequences Clause to the Law of Attraction… In any case, I think Carolyn needs to send Caesar or Archangel Michael, or maybe Marilyn and the Pope, over to her forums to clean house. Or maybe she just needs to come down to this dimension for a few moments and have a chat with her webmaster.

* Actually, you can get this kind of information just about anywhere on the Internet, and lots of other places. This blog owes its very existence to a veritable explosion of this type of information.



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