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Sunday, February 01, 2015

I am not afraid

I just felt like starting February off with a little reggae tune. Though I'm not a Rastafarian and can't claim to believe that I am being protected by some benevolent higher power, the song resonates with me for several reasons, which I'll 'splain when I can. For now I'm on the run -- work deadlines and other real-life things to tend to.

But rest assured: Evil will not win.

I am not afraid.

PS ~ I'll have some more Kevin Trudeau news too soon; I finally got a chance to go back on to PACER and grab the latest court docs. For now, those of you who are on Facebook and haven't seen these links on the public forum GIN Network Truth, check them out:. The first two links concern Katie's criminal case and the third one concerns the civil case.


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