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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The King of cosmic wisdom

The subject line in the email read: "Blessed is the Great Being Known as the Galaxy." The body of the email elaborated on this Great Being: "It lives, It breathes, It thinks, It feels pain, It meditates, It rubs the lotion on Its skin!"

All right, there was nothing about lotion. But I just can’t seem to get that song out of my head.

This bit of wisdom about the Galaxy – along with many other spiritual truths – came from Jesus H. Christ Himself, who, as an extension of his original Sermon On The Mount, revealed it to a man on another mountain in 1958 C.E. The man was the late Dr. George King, founder of an international metaphysical organization called The Aetherius Society. The mountain was in the United Kingdom instead of Galilee.

Dr. George King (I’m not sure what sort of "doctor" he was) was born in Shropshire, England in 1919. Fairly early in life, he discovered that traditional Christianity didn’t have answers for all of his questions, and he turned to psychic-phenomena research and, later, yoga. For ten years, he practiced yoga for eight to twelve hours a day until, according to his bio page, he became a "Knower." (Not to be confused with a "Goer," nudge-nudge, wink-wink.)

At some point he decided his mission was to help raise humanity from its ignorance and suffering. But he wasn’t quite sure how to do it. And then, and then…

…his life's mission became apparent on May 8, 1954. Alone in his London apartment, a loud physical voice delivered the following Command:

"Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament."

He was initially shocked by the implications of this statement. It came out of the blue without warning or explanation. All he knew with his mastery over terrestrial phenomena was that what he had heard, he had heard.

And doesn’t it always begin with the voices in one’s head? If you’re really lucky, you get to see bodies with your voices.

"From the moment of the Command all Dr. King's personal business ambitions were abandoned as the information from the Space Intelligences grew in importance and urgency," says the web site. Indeed, that voice in his apartment was just the beginning.

A few days later he was visited by a world-renowned Yoga Master whom he knew to be alive and active in India at that time. This Master, in every way physical, entered and left through a locked door that he did not open.

During the meeting, Dr. King was given a series of highly specialized exercises enabling him to bring about a state of consciousness necessary for the establishment of mental rapport with the Cosmic Masters who inhabit the higher planes of other planets.

In the previous ten years Dr. King had become a Master of Raja, Gnani, and Kundalini Yoga - able to attain the elevated state of conciousness known as Samadhi. It was for this reason that the Cosmic Masters of the Solar System began to use him as "Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel", in order to give their message to Earth.

Dr. King formed The Aetherius Society in 1955, under the direction of the ET’s, of course, and over the years attracted a legion of suckers seekers. He knew that because he had been chosen by the Cosmic Masters (who are apparently wiser and more evolved than mere Ascended Masters), he was to spend his life trying to find new ways to help the human race evolve. "He quickly learned that the most efficient and powerful means to help our civilization is through powerful worldwide karmic manipulations," explains the web site. "He called these operations Cosmic Missions." Here you see a picture of Dr. King and his Mantra Team manipulating karma by directing energy into a "prayer energy battery."

Needless to say, being the voice of Interplanetary Parliament is a big job, but fortunately Jesus, aka "The Master Jesus," aka "the Cosmic Avatar of Love," was around to help. Master Jesus delivered a Cosmic Concept to Dr. King via a series of twelve Cosmic Transmissions, aka the Twelve Blessings.

The Cosmic Concept as given by the Master Jesus…

…This is an unparalleled text of mystic teachings for the New Age which go beyond his previous teachings, to include a cosmic concept, and constitute a practical and potent method of service in these days.

"The Twelve Blessings" is designed as a potent spiritual practice for all serious students in these vitally important days.

Naturally, the Twelve Blessings are available as a book and various audio products.

As you read through the text or listen to the transmissions themselves, you will see that the Blessings and prayers are not limited to the people on Earth, but reach out to the sun, and beyond into our Universe and to The Creator Itself.

Although Dr. King passed away in 1997, the Aetherius Society lives on. There are two headquarters, one in London and one, not surprisingly, in Hollywood. If I were you, I’d pay close attention to what these nutcases wise and knowledgeable folks are saying. For example, they believe in a prophecy that was delivered to Dr. King in 1958 by "a spiritually evolved extraterrestrial known as a Lord of Karma." The prophecy came to Dr. King on a mountain called Brown Willy, which is one of the Holy Mountains of the world. (Mount Shasta, alas, is not, which will probably come as a shock to many of the people who send me emails via my favorite New-Wage spam service.)

Anyhow, this prophecy concerns The Next Master, who will appear on Earth when the time is right.

There will shortly come Another among you.

He will stand tall among men with a shining countenance. This One will be attired in a single garment of the type now known to you. His shoes will be soft-topped, yet not made of the skin of animals.

He will approach the Earth leaders. They will ask of Him, His credentials. He will produce these.

His magic will be greater than any upon Earth - greater than the combined materialistic might of all the armies. And they who heed not His words, shall be removed from the Earth.

No one on Earth knows the time that The Next Master will appear; it’s up to the Lords of Karma to decide. The only thing that is clear is that he (and yes, it will be a "he") will be wearing a one-piece, wrinkle-resistant spacesuit (which is the "single garment" referred to in the prophecy). And great changes will occur when he comes.

The coming of this great Avatar, will be a pivotal point in the New Age. After his coming, those who are not ready to go forward into the era of Light - the New Age - will slowly be removed from the Earth to be reborn on another less evolved planet. They will then continue to learn through experience, only under much more difficult conditions than are now present on Earth. All who are ready will stay upon Earth and join together to build for themselves the much prophesied New Age.

I know, I know; you’ve heard similar prophecies before. But at least the Aetherius Society version doesn’t involve burning in Hell for eternity if you don’t accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, although that less-evolved planet does sound a bit like a living hell, now that I think about it. Even so, in the Dr. King version of the prophecy, you get ET’s and crazy people, so it trumps those other prophecies in entertainment value if nothing else.

So what can you do to prepare for this great Avatar? According to the Aetherius Society web site, "It is important for all New Age workers, no matter where they are, or what name of God they follow, to redouble their efforts now during this crucial time, in order to help pave the way for the coming of this next Avatar." In other words, smoke it if you’ve got it. I’m thinking, though, that mushrooms might be even more effective for helping conjure Avatars. So…bring on the New Age already!

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