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Sunday, November 05, 2006

One-stop shopping for the soul

When I was much younger I dated a psychology major for a short time. He was pompous and annoyingly nasal-voiced, and in retrospect I can’t imagine what I saw in him. I guess I was just bored, as I often was in those days. Nasal Boy was always trying to analyze what was wrong with me, and one of the conclusions he came to was that I had "an unintegrated personality." I had no idea what that meant and still don’t. I’ve puzzled over it for years.

But it turns out that my personality might not be the problem. It could be that I have an unintegrated soul. Most of us do, it seems, and this is the cause of countless problems. Thank Goddess, then, for folks such as Dr. Eilis Philpott, who, among many other services, offers a process called soul integration. Soul integration has nothing to do with civil rights; it has more to do with spiritual rights. Or spiritual righting, as the case may be.

I first found out about Dr. Philpott when I received an email recently with the subject line: "Remove harmful implants, microchips & much more." Since I know some women who have had severe cosmetic and health challenges from breast implants, I thought there might be something I could pass along to them. But it seems that the implants Dr. Philpott is talking about are those that have been placed in folks by malicious aliens, not by plastic surgeons. Bad as they are, though, alien implants are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stuff that mucks up and segregates your soul.

So just what is soul integration? I’ll let Eilis, or whoever writes her copy, explain it:

This a deep complex integration process of accessing and releasing negative imprints after having released all karma. It is also a process of balancing the person on all levels-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This healing is under the auspices of the Council of Love(tm) and the LaHoChi Masters, and is carried out by Eilis' higher self from the 13th Octave(tm) (a place of being at one with ALL/ or joining with the heart of God). To achieve this result some or all of the following are carried out, according to your Higher Self's wishes Because Eilis is connecting with your Higher Self these sessions are carried out remotely.

Although Soul Integration Sessions can be done in person, most are usually done at a distance, and the report is mailed to the integratee when it is complete. You do have to provide a tiny bit of information to get Dr. Philpott started:

When ordering your Soul Integration Report, please write in the comments box on the order page your full given name at birth, your birth date and age, along with the address where you currently live (if it is not the same as your mailing address). Also include any pets you may have. Say what type of animal they are and their names.

Also be sure to say what kind of credit card you are using, as well as the card number and expiration date.

In return, you get "the following and more" during your Soul Integration session:

  • Removal of all discordant energy in your auric field/home/pets
  • Clear any unwanted energy coming to you from other sources
  • Research the number of lives you have lived
  • Gift of the Blue Diamond/Nurturing from the Mother*
  • Gift of Compassion from Quan Yin
  • Gift of the Violet Flame from St. Germaine
  • Gift of the Tri-Flame
  • Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Gifts from the Archangels
  • UFOG (United Federation of the Outer Galaxies) attunement
  • Violet Flame Healing from St. Germaine
  • Angel Light Healing
  • 13th Octave LaHoChi Healing(tm)
  • Activate DNA strands and genes in genome
  • Repair/Replace damaged DNA
  • Heal any genetic conditions in the body
  • Balance 13 Chakras**
  • Increase overall energy of Chakras
  • Repair & clear personal energy grid along with connection to universal grid
  • Return all Aspects & Markers, ensuring discordant energy is left behind
  • Ensure one is fully present in body and fully
  • grounded and connected to the Earth & the Heavens
  • Download & Activate Soul Design
  • Unblock & Balance all Meridians
  • Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually heal
  • Brain enhancement and healing
  • Remove harmful implants and microchips
  • Energy body tune-up and clearing
  • Clear Major tests on life path
  • Recommend Essences that would be beneficial to you***
  • Repair and remove damaging debris from etheric field including parasites/Candida infection/heavy metal toxicity/negative thoughts/negative ego programming/repair auric field/cleanse & seal aura, etc.
  • Balance energy of organs/senses & systems in the body
  • After removing karma, remove any negative energy imprints in your field
  • Psychic surgery, if needed
  • Cranio-sacral adjustment, if needed
  • Healing Patterns/Symbols given to work with at home
  • And much more

In case you’re wondering how Eilis performs these miracles on your soul, here’s a brief summary:

Eilis works with 13 chakras, all these chakras will be tested and balanced, all meridians tested and balanced and the senses, organs, hormones etc will also be tested and balanced energetically. Your Higher Self will be asked if it wants/needs body cell restructuring, nerve repair, cranio-sacral adjustment, psychic surgery, the gift of the Holy Spirit, The gift of Blue Diamond from the Mother, Violet Flame healing from St. Germaine, Angel Light Healing, and 13th Octave LaHoChi healing. You will also receive a full energy body tune-up and clearing, where parasite, Candida Albicans, heavy metal toxicity, negative thoughts, negative ego programming, archetype clearing, irritations, spots and leaks in the auric field are repaired and your aura will be cleansed and sealed. You will also receive brain enhancement and healing, as well as repairing any damage to the brain, this will enhance neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Nerve regeneration etc. will also be looked at at this stage of the process.

There’s still a bit of clean-up work to do after the main work is done, however.

The next main section is the removal of negative energetic imprints left over from your karma. We are no longer required to pay for all our past mistakes and have been asked by the Ascended Masters to release all our karma. To do this we need to simply go to our quiet, centered space and ask for "dispensation for all our karma to date" and so it is done. All that remains then is to remove any negative imprints from our energy field. (like removing a stain from a carpet after the food has been cleaned up). There will be a number of these to be cleared and they will be cleared in order or priority and as much as the Higher Self deems necessary at the time. The final part in your healing is to receive the UFOG (United Federation of Outer Galaxies) attunement (again if that is something you want).

And, of course, there’s always follow-up work, as well as additional beneficial therapies:

The last section of your Soul Integration is some recommendations on various therapies etc. that would benefit you. You can use your intuition to decide which of these recommendations you wish to follow up on. Again they are listed in order or priority.

I think the best part about soul integration is that it can reverse aging and prevent death. It all has to do with DNA, which Dr. Philpott has learned to manipulate.

The average human has about four DNA strands activated, the rest are junk according to science. The key to good health, vitality, youth and happiness is to activate as many as possible When we do a complete Soul Integration Healing DNA activation increases and thus good health, vitality, youthfulness will also follow. You will feel and look younger. Part of the work on the DNA will include removal/repair of damaged strands and if your Higher Self wants it on genetic conditions also. If your Higher Self wishes, your aging gene and death gene will be switched off.

Now, with all of that, why would you even consider any other self-help method?

Soul Integration only costs $150.00 US for an individual, and $250.00 for a parent (usually a mom) and child (up to and including the age of 16). Dr. Philpott, I am sure, would tell you that it’s a bargain at any price, even if your Higher Self does continue to recommend a host of additional beneficial services from Dr. Philpott long after your soul integration is complete. I plan to get my own soul integrated some day very soon. Maybe that will help my unintegrated personality as well. Nasal Boy would be pleased.

* I am not sure if the Blue Diamond gift is jewelry or a bag of peanuts, but I am sure it is something your unintegrated soul needs.
** Just in case you were thinking there were only seven chakras, the truth is that nobody knows how many there really are. Rule of thumb: There are as many chakras as any given new-age healer finds it profitable for there to be.
*** Essences that Dr. Philpott just happens to sell.



Blogger sj gylany said...

good goddess cosmic connie...i'd stick with the psych analysis of "personality integration"...the "soul integration" blog is soooo 80's..and still in some places, new millenium, to be sure. so have you worked out what the pompous psych meant? funny, a lot of the new age "dna tweaking and soul implant work" or "spiritual bypass" i used to call it... has grown up...and come back to the personality ! much more here and now and evidence based (yes i am a psychotherapist). the "signals" that may alert us to look at "intergratin'" is when we get cynical, fearful, or plain judgmental of others. not a pretty picture to look in the mirror sometimes...i speak from experience. peace, love and combie wagons:-)

Thursday, January 27, 2011 7:04:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Hi, SJ! My puzzlement shtick aside, I kind of understood even then what my pompous friend meant. My gripe was more with the context than the essence of what he was saying. I just wanted to have fun, not be psychoanalyzed. Our relationship did not last, needless to say.

I'm definitely more willing to consider explanations that are based on the "personality" rather than the "soul" or "DNA."

Friday, January 28, 2011 11:54:00 AM  

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